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SMS Schleswig-Holstein vs HMS Sverige

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Alpha Tester
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I was wondering how these 2 ships would fare again eachother? say at a time in ww2, 1940? In the baltic sea

There is only 9 years between them, not to long


Here are some statistics for them


SMS Schleswig-Holstein

Posted Image


Class & type: Deutschland-class battleship

Type: Pre-dreadnought battleship


13,200 t (13,000 long tons) normal

14,218 t (13,993 long tons) full load


Length: 127.6 m (418 ft 8 in)

Beam: 22.2 m (72 ft 10 in)

Draft: 8.21 m (26 ft 11 in)

Installed power: 17,000 ihp (13,000 kW)

Propulsion: three shafts, three triple expansion steam engines, 12 boilers

Speed: 18 knots (33 km/h)

Range: 4,800 nautical miles (9,000 km); 10 knots (20 km/h)



35 officers

708 enlisted men


Armament in 1939:

2 × 2 – 28 cm SK L/40 guns

10 x 15 cm SK L/45 guns (casemated: removed 1940)

4 × 8.8 cm SK L/45 anti-aircraft guns

4 × 3.7 cm (1.5 in) guns (2×2)



Belt: 100 to 240 mm (3.9 to 9.4 in)

Turrets: 280 mm (11 in)

Deck: 40 mm (1.6 in)



HMS Sverige

Posted Image


Class & type: Sverige class coastal defence ship

Type: Coastal defence ship

Displacement: 6852 t standard;

7688 t full load


Length: 119.7 m waterline

120 m overall

Beam: 18.63 m

Draft: 6.25 m

Propulsion: 12 Yarrow boilers;

2 Kockums-Curtis ungeared turbines;

4 three-blade propellers

20,000 hp = 22.5 knots trials

Speed: 22.5 knots

Range: 2720 nautical miles at 14 knots

  (5,000 km at 26 km/h)

Crew: 427


Armament ww2:

4 ×Bofors 283 mm gun M/1912 (2×2)

6 × 152 mm/50cal. Bofors QF M/1912 (1×2, 4×1)

4 × 75 mm/60cal. Bofors AA M/1928 (2×2)

6 × 40 mm/56cal. Bofors AA M/1936 (3×2)

4 × 25 mm/58cal. Bofors AA M/1932 (2×2)

3 × 20 mm/66cal. Bofors AA M/1940 (3×1)

4 × 8 mm/75,8cal. AA MG M/1936 (2×2)


Armour: Belt 200 mm

Artillery 200 mm

Citadel 100 mm

Deck 18-28 mm



What i think from the looks of that, they look pretty even? Except that SMS Schleswig-Holstein got a few more secondary guns

If we then add what the main guns could do


HMS Sverige


Designer Bofors

Designed 1912

Manufacturer Bofors

Number built 12


Barrel length 12,735 mm (501.4 in)

Shell 305 kg (670 lb)

Caliber 283 mm (11.1 in)/45 caliber

Elevation -10°/+20° (5°/s)

Traverse 150° from either side of centreline (4°/s)

Rate of fire 4/min

Muzzle velocity 860 m/s (2,800 ft/s)

Maximum range: From 1939: 24,000 m (26,000 yd)


Armor penetration: 350mm at 6000 meters, 155mm at 18,000 meters (Belt), 87mm at 18,000 meters (Deck)


SMS Schleswig-Holstein


Designer Krupp

Designed 1890

Manufacturer Krupp

Produced 1893—1906?


Weight 45.3 metric tons (44.6 long tons; 49.9 short tons)

Length 11.2 meters (36 ft 9 in)

Barrel length 10.401 meters (34 ft 1.5 in) (bore length)

Shell separate-loading, case charge

Shell weight 240–284 kilograms (530–630 lb)

Caliber 283 millimeters (11.1 in)

Breech horizontal sliding-wedge

Muzzle velocity 740 to 820 m/s (2,400 to 2,700 ft/s)

Range: 13,120 yards (12,000 m)

RoF: 2 Rpm


Penetration:12,000 meters (belt)

6.3 in (160 mm)



I honestly cant see who would win, what do you guys say?

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Probably the ship with the most accurate firing. But you're right, they are quite similar.

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Alpha Tester
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241 battles

11" hits do a lot of damage and the Sverige is only 7,000 tons. Here is a good example.


"Exeter was hit by seven 11-inch shells and several near misses caused significant splinter damage. Sixty-one of her crew were killed and another twenty-three wounded. All three 8-inch turrets were put out of action and her speed was reduced to 18 knots (33 km/h), forcing her to withdraw from battle."


HMS Exeter was a little bigger but with less armor.


So how long does it take to get 6-8 hits with salvos of 4 guns?


And does 6-8 hits have the same effect on the 13,000 ton pre-dreadnought? And the Sverige's greater rate of fire means . . . ?


Baring crippling hits and just having the outcome as a pounding match the bigger ship has the advantage.


But as a player with the Sverige I'd fight the S-H hoping for that early hit that cripples and if the fight stops going my way try to use my superior speed to get out of trouble.

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Alpha Tester
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It is difficult to compare when you don't have the same data for both ships.


What is the rate of fire for the Schleswig-Holstein?  What is her belt?

What is the elevation for the Sverige?  This may make a difference at longer range.

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Alpha Tester
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Most likely Sverige had the more accurate guns, they were more modern and had continually upgrades FCS all the time.

Not sure about S-H had that much upgraded FCS?


edit: Rate of fire for S-H was at a 2 Rpm

Her belt was 100-240mm


Sveriges guns had a elevation of 20*

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