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Sharnhorst and Tirpiz

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What ammo types vs what kind of ship is best for these ships>?   /I have been using AP for cruisers and BBs and HE on DDs should I make changes?

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It really depends on distances, angles, and what ship class you're shooting at. AP is universally good against cruisers, but even they can theoretically bounce at certain angles/distances but it's not such a great defense that you should be concerned. AP vs BB's is good when under 8km in distance and of the same tier. If you're in a Scharnhorst and shooting AP at a Tirpitz that's giving you a belt armor angle, then you're making a mistake. At that point your torps and secondaries become your best option.


HE does deal more damage to DD's because AP threatens to overpen. The problem there is swapping types of ammo. If you decide to swap to HE while "looking" for an undetected DD while there are cruisers there that you could have shot and reloaded on in time, then keeping AP would have been better. AP does deal damage if you aim correctly.


All in all, the answer is that it's all situational and the only real answer is that you will learn from experience. AP at great distance is pretty bad against most things for a BB. HE is good when you're hunting a lone DD. AP is good on carrier Tier 8 and higher that have enough armor to not take overpens, where in lower tiers you would want to use HE to get a citadel.


P.S. - Scharnhorst has great guns, but small caliber, so it's difficult to pen higher tier BB's. Luckily after the MM changes the Scharn see's itself as king of the hill. It can easily pen a Kongo but I would avoid AP at US ships and Fuso/Nagato when angled. If you have AP loaded aim for the frontal gun turrets to get a citadel whilst also avoiding the bulk of the armor belt.

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Under the pinned threads you'll find one for Captains Academy. Or you can just search for it in Youtube. The creator has a whole series explaining shell types, overpens and how to get the most from your shell types. Its worth watching

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