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Same old question. Com skills, Upgrades, Signals.

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I have read and read, watched video after video and I still come up with the same question. What to choose. These articles and videos are old. Outdated. With every system update, changes are made. As I've gone up in tier, the ships capabilities always change and I end up asking myself, Are my commanders skills set to this ship? Am I using the right signals? Are my Module Upgrades set for my style of play? The answer is always the same, BUY MORE DOUBLOONS.


Well, I'm not buying anymore doubloons......ok......maybe one more time.


My question here is:


As a Cruiser Commander, are there Commander Skills that are a MUST. Signals that are a MUST. Upgrades that should be outfitted to my ship if I play it aggressive or passive?



Please help. My financial advisor says to stop playing.

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