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Quick Thoughts on the new Economy after a T10 Match

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In a Des Moines match in which I nearly sank on two occasions, and spent much of my time dodging torps from both enemies and allies (more on that later), I turned a 110k credit profit with premium, without it I would have lost 7k i.e. almost nothing. While making money on T10 was always possible, there's no way this match would have turned a profit before even though I survived with about 1/3 of my health left after using my final repair. Why? I only did 55k damage and shot down 18 planes. Why did I turn a profit and lead my team in XP? Potential damage of 1.3M in a cruiser, and 38k spotting damage, half of it on a DD I popped radar on. I played as a forward support ship and hunted DDs and cruisers and turned a sizeable profit thanks to the new economy.


So far I think the economy is an improvement, but here was the problem. I ate 4 torpedos from an allied Zao for 24k, under the old economy I would have been compensated for his damage to me equal to the cost of the repair bill he was responsible for. Not so anymore. Because of incentive issues with the flat repair cost WG did not continue that system. While I know this player will have to pay a hefty cost, I am no longer compensated for this player removing me from the match for 3 minutes so I could use my first two repairs and get myself back into condition to return to my forward position. I liked the idea of the flatter repair costs, but I think the incentive to survive, use repairs, etc was a positive aspect of the old system. Personally, I think a hybridized system that jumped higher when a ship sank (creating a large incentive for surviving, but smaller one for remaining unblemished) would be better, here is a brief description of how that could work:


Example uses a ship that when sank would incur 100k credit repair bill under the old system and when undamaged would cost 10k, under the new system the cost is always 70k.

xxxxxxxxxxxxx 100% HP Remaining | 50% HP |  1 HP  | Sunk

Old System     10k              | 55k    | 99,990 | 100k

New System     70k              | 70k    | 70k    | 70k

Hybrid System  40k              | 55k    | 70k    | 90k


Hope that makes sense, it's after 3 my time so it may not have. The goal is to take the best of both systems, incentivizing aggressive play, and incentivizing survival, a further idea is having the repair cost for being sunk decreased in a victory as opposed to a loss, as opposed to that 20k jump for sinking perhaps make it only 10k, thus making it 80k repair cost when sunk in a win. The numbers could obviously be fiddled with further, but under this system you make more money than the current system as long as you survive, and you make more money than the old system as long as you lose at least 50% of your HP.


Under this system an ally would pay for the damage incurred like in the old system.


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