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Mini-Review+Comparision: Prinz Eugen and Atago.

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My first (Mini) Review, with comparsion to Atago;

Hipper Clone Prinz Eugen.


TLDR- Fun and engaging Nuking broadsided crusiers at 12km with Krupp steel AP and oneshot Atlantas, while having good AA compared to atago.

I'll try to make a good comparison between this and Atago, so somebody can make a good choice if they want Atago or Eugen.


This is my first ship review. I played 21 battles in this thing, when I bought it yesterday.

Commander that im using: 16-pts (Admiral).

Commander skill (I'll explain why I chose these layouts below)

T1- Expert Loader, BoS (Basics of Suitability)

T2- Incoming Fire Alert

T3- Vigilance

T4- Manual AA

T5- Concealment Expert.


Expert loader: Because you can switch rounds faster when you spot a DD, and not having to dump AP onto a DD (DD usually takes more than 6.5 seconds to run away, which is half the reload time with expert loader skill)


BoS: This is just-in-case HE spammer prevention, in case I burn my R after rudder/engine gets shot and get disabled and get set on fire.


IFA: Just in case if I go tunnel vision, and forgot to realize there's somebody else shooting at me, except the main target.

(Alternatively, you can go for last stand so you don't have to broadside yourself on a BB, when your rudder gets shot)


Vigilance: Passive Sonar- It's easier to dodge torps with this on, though you still have to pay attention to DD position. It gives me extra bit of time if I should stop/turn away or turn in.

(Alt: High alert, if you do not have premium damage control party)


Manual AA: to piss off CV captains with 100% DPS bonus with long range AA

(Alt: Demo expert if you really want to set BBs on fire instead of firing AP onto their superstructure/upper hull and do 5K+ damage per salvo)

(Alt 2: AFT, although im not sure if AFT benefits more than Manual AA in hipper clone- my commander is used for Tirpitz and Scharnhorst as well, which is reason why I have Manual AA; Both Tirp and Scharnhorst has high DPS on 100mm+ AA guns.)


Concealment Expert: So you can nuke cruisers going broadside with citadels at 11.5km

(Combined with Concealment module upgrade)


My Atago's Commaner Skill:

Expert Loader (so I dont have to dump HE when engaging DDs at first salvo, I usually have AP loaded, because broadsided ships)

IFA (Crouch/prevention for Tunnel vision issue)

Superintendent (because extra BB medkit is balanced)

Demolition Expert *hereinafter DE*; because 20% fire chance with 10 shells is fun and engaging.

Concealment Expert, Again; since 9.1Km surface concealment on a cruiser is balanced




Now for the main comparison/review..


HP: 45,000; 1200 more than actual Hipper, marginally different.

Atago HP: 40,100; 4900 less than Eugen; However, Atago gets balanced max of 4 BB repair party. Logically, Atago can survive longer with more HP

(Unless it gets oneshotted by stormtrooper BB, which can happen same to Eugen)



Eugen- 80mm waterline armor, 25mm Upper hull armor, 40mm Sloped Citadel (Not sure about angle of slope at 90 degrees, you can go check the armor viewer). Total: 80mm+40mm Sloped armor (for citadel). 70mm Aft end armor hull (Though does not extend fully) with 25mm hull all round, except said place.

I'm guessing the 70mm Aft end armor hull is to protect rudder.


Atago- 102mm Citadel belt, NOT SLOPED; 13mm torpedo bulge line around citadel, but it does not cover citadel fully and I doubt it does anything when you get shot while broadsided. 25mm Bow/Aft/Upper hull armor. (Probably the reason why you get rudder knocked out so often, it has no armor on aft end except for 25mm armor that goes around the upper/aft/bow hull.)


IMO Eugen seems to have better armor protection than Atago, overall.


Ship's profile- Eugen has more deck level (?) than atago; which might result in fire since HE would land more often due to larger profile.

Superstructure: Atago seems to have bigger superstructure, which may also prone to HE.

Verdict: Just around the same.



Now to the interesting part..


Eugen: 4*2 (2 guns on 4 turret) 

Atago: 5*2 (2 guns on 5 turret)


Eugen's turrets reload every 13s while Atago turrets reloads every 16s.

Eugen's turrets turn faster at 22.5s (180 degree rotation) While Atago's turrets turn slower at 29s. You could put Main Battery Mod 2 to make turret traverse faster, or put MLG Expert marksman to mitigate Atago's turret rotation time, although it's inadvisable to put MBM 2 since that makes Atago's reload time even slower.

Moreover, Eugen's turret seems to have better firing arc compared to Atago, potential making Eugen a winner in a brawling sitsuation against Atago; Atago will have to fully broadside to put 5 turrets on target*


*I'll explain you guys how to make up for the Atago's firing arc below at the near-end of review.


Eugen has abysmal fire chance of 13% compared to Atago's 17% without any commander skill. 

Atago's fire chance can be buffed to 20%, without adding any signals; actual fire chance to something like a BB would be around 9% per shell, IIRC; I do notice I make LOTS of fire when shooting full salvo at BBs with this sakke HE.


For Eugen, You're probably better off shooting at BB's superstructure when BB is angled and do damage that way, or get DE and try to buff your fire chance a little (and add some signals ontop of that). You'll lose AFT/Manual AA if you put DE instead for 4th tier skill, though.

Eugen Does have superior Initial gun velocity at 925m/s (both HE and AP) While Atago is at 840m/s. 


Gun Range/Dispersion: Atago has 15.8km range while Eugen has 17.5km range. Eugen CAN fire longer, but don't fire at max range unless if it's a must.

(again, I'll tell you why you should be firing your gun closer than max range. same goes for max-range firing atagos).

Eugen has slightly worse max gun dispersion at 143m while Atago has 132m; though Eugen probably has wider dispersion due to superior gun range than Atago.



Atago has 16 torpedoes (8 starboard, 8 port) at 10km range, 17.2K max damage roll with 62 knots speed.


Eugen has 12 torpedoes (6 starboard, 6 port) at 6km range, with 13.7K max damage roll with 64 knots speed.


Logically Atago has better torpedo since it can STEALTH FIRE torps with 0.9km of breathing space.

Eugen does seem to have slightly topredo launch angle, but Eugen's torps are mostly for self defense, since it cannot fire torps without using island/smokescreen laid by DD.


Yes, theoretically you can play Atago around like a crouched Hatsuharu/Mutsuki if all of your DDs are dead at beginning of match for some magical reason.



AA (This is where Eugen and Atago seems to differ a bit on their roles)


Atago has 3.1km range 28*1 25mm  rice AA that does 50 DPS with 127mm 4*2 AA guns (they're dual purpose guns, can be used as secondary) that does  40DPS with 5km range. Atago has 90DPS combined AA total.


Eugen has 2*2 20mm Dakkas (Im not going to write germans, damnit) doing abysmal 8DPS with 2Km range

6*4 (quad) 20mm Dakkas (again) doing 36DPS with 2Km range,

40mm 18*1 Flak guns doing 135DPS with 3.5km range,

And 6*2 105mm guns (Dual purpose) doing 100DPS with 5km range.

Eugen has 235+36+8= 279 DPS total on AA. that's 3 times more efficient than Atago's capability to shoot planes down (306.9DPS if you put BFT that increases AA defense DPS by 10%).


Eugen's AA makes Eugen to survive longer if CV looks you wrong way and tries to nuke you, while shooting some planes down.

(though I wasn't engaged by CV much except once, I shot 4~5 planes down at that time, with manual AA off; forgot to designate target at that time).

This can enable Eugen to also be effective as Anti-CV escort on a fleet, While Atago can't be as effective.

*you'll still get spotted by CV since AA range cannot overmatch your air concealment on both ships, even with AFT




Eugen has 32 knots of speed with 8.7s rudder shift time (with rudder shift moudule), while Atago has 35.5 knots of speed with 6.5s rudder shift time (with module, again).

Eugen loses out on this section, though it does have 770m turning circle compared to Atago's 790m.

If you want to put a speed flag, on your Eugen, it's probably not best; Eugen only goes 33.6 knots, which still can be chased by ships such as Chapayev.

Yeah, Eugen wins out on speed with 0.1 knots (lol) compared to Chapayev without speed flag; though Chapayev can have better concealment than Eugen, if it decides to go full-stealth (Eugen has 14.2 base concealment while Chapa has 13.2 base concealment; Chapa can spot you first, so as full-colcealed chapa VS eugen). only way to put a chapa away you would be to threaten the russian with AP and tell him to "go away or I'll cit you", forcing him to manuever and make it lose speed.

Or, look at your map and see if there's any Crusier heading your way; turn away and drop speed until someone spots you from behind and start moving.

You can use your rear (possibly front with some angling) and shoot AP over superstructure until target decides to go broadside and try to run.

Then you fire your Krupp steel AP onto their citadels and laugh at them as they get critadeled.


For Atago: Put speed flag, which makes you go 37.3 knots; fastest T8 Sanic.

You also have better concealment than pretty much anything other than DD (maybe mogami by 0.1~0.2 km), so you can annoy anybody.




Eugen: 11.5Km Surface Concealment, 7.4 Air.

You cannot Stealth-fire, unless you hug behind islands, Islands are OP since you can conceal yourself, unless there are ships that can spot you from their PoV.

However you can get first shot off of a lotta ships including CA (assuming they don't run 15-pts, which apparently a lot of people don't seem to, IMO) and BBs.

you load your krupp steel rounds and critadel them. Same goes for Atago, though Atago may not be able to Cit crusiers if they start to angle; while Eugen might be able to.


Alt Strategy for Eugen/Atago: go to flank of your main group while watching map. is there ANY CA/DD/BB spotted on the flank, go there and say hi to them by putting first shot off when they fire, nuking them.

Same goes for Atago, while you have better concealment; so you don't have to wait for someone's shot off.

While broadsiding-turning away, point all of your gun in their direction and load Critadel-Piercing round onto their broadside.


Atago: 9.1Km Surface Concealment, 6.9 Air.

You can stealth-fire in Atago with 0.6km Breathing space, and Stealth-torp with 0.9km Breathing space.

Balanced Comrade

Not much can be said aobut Atago concealment. They're pretty much best in class, which may allow them to play in T10 more easily compared to Eugen.


Carry Potential/Ship efficiency in actual battle

This is my Bias trying to play myself around with these two ships.

Atago can stealth-fire, Stealth-torp; you can literally HE spam someone until they decide to try point their gun at you. when they're trying to do that, STOP firing and go stealth.

They'll probably get upset and blindfire you, or keep shooting at their priority target.

If the second is the case, you keep HE spamming them and slowly burn them to death.


Eugen can try to do the same with AP. you do more AP damage per round if they pen (though you dont get fire DoT that way). you get higher chance of citting stuff like crusiers and do heavy damage to broadsided stormtrooper BBs that has no idea you're on their flank.

You can't pen their waterline, so shoot their upper hull and give them 5K+ per salvo.


Thing about HE is that ships can put fire out and use BB heal to recover the HP; and you probably won't use HE to broadsided CA/CL since you can nuke them with citadels at your concealment range. AP, however, can't be fully recovered unlike HE.

therefore, a BB with a logic will keep burning himself until it turns it's gun around and try to delete you from match. if you try to run, the BB will probably use R key and heal up the damage. Result: you didn't do any damage to that BB since it healed all your HE/Fire damage.


Atago AP is inferior at  4700 max damage compared to Eugen's 5900; Eugen can theoretically score 47,200 HP (8*5900) damage to a CA/CL (don't expect to regularly cit BBs with crusier guns even at close range) while Atago AP can do 47000 damage (10*4700) total.

However, due to Atago's lower gun velocity and pen, it's less likely that rounds can citadel cruisers regularly, with same potential damage as  Eugen. (you can still pen BBs if they're broadside, with exception to stuff like KM BBs such as tirpitz that have turtleback upper/waterline hull)


This is where my decision comes, when figuring out which CA is better choice.

I can't decide quite easily.. :amazed:

You basically give up your AA DPS for a 4 BB-like medkit. it doesn't matter much since you can't recover citadel damages well with BB medkit (10% of damage IIRC), so suitability bonus can be minimal if you cannot angle well against BBs and WASD Hax properly.


Same way, the Hipper is a glass (80mm armor with 40mm sloped deck, but sloping is irrelevant when shells are plunging into hull). but you can protect yourself more easily when CV looks at you and say "Get deleted, m8".

You can sort-of mitigate from getting targeted by CV with AA defense consumable on Atago; but your AA defense consumable will run out eventually unlike ships like Rainbow warrior Atlanta, and Atago AA DPM isn't good at all compared to Eugen.


My decision?

Why not play both? :trollface:

Fun and Engaging Videos for two ships will be on my youtube channel Soon™, But I'll have to motivate myself again.

You can look on my profile if you are Interested.

(I hope WG don't put red sticker on my YT name, Or I'll have to change it- Actually, I'll do it right now.)


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Eugen is the same ship as Hipper. Same rules apply.

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