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Thank you MM

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Thank you MM for giving me such a wonderful team.  One is worse player for player for all players but 1.  Thank you for doing this to me for the last 6 matches and making me want to kill my team and rage quit.



Match 1: Pretty good streamer on my team and divisioned, but bottom tier.  Other team also has a streamer who is also pretty good, who is divisioned with a carrier and top tier, FML

Match 2: Top tier, map I like, between German dispersion bracketing every ship and my team folding like a cheap lawn chair, lose 2

Match 3: Top tier again, team folds again, so I look up every players win rate on both teams:


Team member sorted by win rate Losing Team Winning Team
1 54.8 (me) 66.7
2 51.5 54
3 50.9 53
4 50.9 52.4
5 49.5 51.9
6 49.3 51.4
7 48 49
8 47.7 47.8
9 47.4 47.6
10 47.3 47.5
11 45.2 46.3
12 44.2 43.5


Thanks MM, between carrier week and this constant crap I think I'm done for a while or at least implementing the two lose rule and I quit for the day.  This gets real old, real quick.

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I've lost five today in Random, some very badly (two in the first three minutes without getting a single hit point-rare for me). The other losses were bearable because I got significant hit points and several sinks. I got three weak wins in all. Crap like this happens. Tomorrow is another day...

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It is what it is. All you can do is play what you play well and do the best you can.  Just try to be at the top of your team win or lose.

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Was divisioned with excellent players in ships they knew how to play, went 9-2. Some teams folded so fast -- had one game that lasted only 7 mins and everyone wound up with less than 30K damage dealt. Excellent day for the win rate, not so much for average damage. 


The cure is simple, man: division. Couple of games we played, we were 1-2-3 in team score. That kind of carry wins games, and the presence of div mates makes everything more enjoyable.  

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