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Tier V CV Economics

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I'm playing a Zuiho with fully upgraded modules. I'm using air groups mod 1, 2, and damage control 1. My commander has expert rear gunner, torpedo armament expertise, torpedo acceleration, and aircraft servicing expert. My problem is that I'm extremely ineffective against IJN Type 6 Mod 3 CVs, USN Mk5 mod. 3 CVs, and USN Mk6 mod.3 CVs.


Essentially the USN Tier V can put twelve fighters in the air under two independent control squadrons. The IJN Tier V can field four fighters under a single squadron. against USN Mk 5 mod. 1&2, and mirror matches with IJN Tier V CVs I perform very well.


The root problem is economic, even when I outfox the enemy and sneak bombs and torpedoes into their AA envelope, usually suffering continuous losses, or if I bait them into dogfights near cooperative CAs I don't get much credit. I leave out barrages because despite consistently landing devastating, pre-dogfight barrages I still usually manage to lose my whole squad to the remaining 3-6 enemy fighters despite being much stronger on paper. I'm not throwing my planes away, and I'm not against taking some loses in exchange for big torpedo strikes, scouting, and corralling the enemy into bad posture. But I get so little credit for solving the very difficult problem of air superiority.


I had a match recently with a cooperative, relatively skilled CV supporting me, and despite a 1:3 mismatch in air power we eventually won air supremacy, protected our teammates, forced enemy destroyers out of safety, and softened critical threats. He finished bottom three and I was halfway down the list with very little reward at all, despite the fact that we'd both certainly accomplished a lot under great opposition.


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