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[Ships] Flotilla/Escort vessels implementation, with justifications - Featuring PDF and imgur album - Pretty Pictures :3!

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Now. This is probably a bit more complex than the usual suggestions you'll find, but I did my best to structure them. And there is not thaaaat horribly much to read.


The text below gives a bit of insight on what I have made via photoshop. Basically, a 40page mess with flashing pictures, witty justifications and simple diagrams. 


I wrote a combined PDF (~20mb, Google Drive Download) , including an imgur album  about several suggestions related to a several new vessel types (included a particular one everybody would hate to see), two supporting game modes to justify those ships' usage, witty unnecessary ideas around ablities, and a general "Commander Skill revamp" of the existing ships.

I am not sure if the imgur album has been sorted correctly, but it should be well enough. Images on imgur may require you to zoom in. Use CTRL + Mousewheel to do that. Press CTRL + 0 to reset your view :). Browser 101, I suppose.


I will add a few teaser images linked on the text, so maybe that might raise your interests. If you like where I am going with this nonsense, feel free to check the imgur or the pdf linked above..

Imgur Album has the fullres versions. Suppose these would be desired than the PDF but oh well. I will leave that to you.


Some of these ideas are over-the-top, others intentionally underpowered for the sake of keeping things balanced. *subcoughrines!*


Here is some of the contents: 

(all in horribly-formatted images btw). 



I actually will post the classic ship stuff first. I suppose it goes without saying that the current Commander Skills suck. Things are all over the place. And everybody pretty much picks the same trash. There have been some calls for "Shipclass related Commander SKills". I decided to take on that. 

Please bear in mind, that my ideas are combined with the other new ships. Some will be very OP, but remember, so will your abilities and ship. 

"Doctrine: skills" are mutually exclusive specials that focuses your ship on a particular task. This is especially the case for cruisers. You want to play as a stealthy CL, or anti-Air/anti-DD CL, or a cannibalizing CC/Battlecruiser!? 

Or you want to play as the classic CA? Choose one of the Doctrines!


Here are the imgur Commander Skills for:


Destroyer - DD

Cruiser - CA 


I have currently decided to wait a bit with the CV and BB variants. Personally, I would love to see BBs be tougher. But with clear vulnerabilities to torpedoes. BB shall also be seriously rivaled by her hated sister, the CC-Battlecruiser. Trust me. It could get interesting haha. But as said, I haven't gotten really to CV and BB yet. I want to see if this even meets merits.

Another thing about CLs in particular is to have them appear in higher tier matches. They might be food for BBs, but they are just as dangerous thanks to their skills, imo.


For starters, to justify these new ships, we could maybe see three particular game modes.

Classic - No new ships. This is the "canon/vanilla" game you are playing at the moment. 

Flotilla - Just the new ships, but non of the vanilla DD/CA/BB/CV classic ships (and smaller matches/maps)

Fleet - Classic + new ships bash heads. The slowpoke flotilla ships like frigates support the fleet ships in battle. More later.

*Advanced Classic/Flotilla/Fleet - Just came into mind: This mode is the same, but includes those bloody Commander Skills I imagined. This is important. So the classic mode is really classic and not contaminated by anything. 


By the way, the flotilla/fleet battle mode could easily harbor other people's ship ideas! So you always have a place for putting the new ships, but also having a mode to play without these that might bring imbalance. I think this is fair.


Now, I know well enough that time and again you and everybody else has had it with people suggesting new stuff, but it is just like somebody else has said: We are brainstorming for free for devs to read after all. And in my case, I even added a "fail safe" via game modes, so your precious vanilla flavor never gets tainted. =)

Moreso, I know Wargaming said no small ships, or subs. But I was in the mood to write. And well, I am learning somewhat game writing too, so might as well. Before you scream about this newbie acc, I play on EU with different accs. These suggestions also come without pay-to-win or such. However, I did intend to make the Commander Skills for the classic ships a lot more powerful than the one I suggested. Should be balanced enough. 

In the end, the classic ships always remain queens of the sea!




Flotilla ships. Aside to the small one, they are considerably slow. But they bring special abilities and attributes as SUPPORT vessels for your classic "fleet ships" (aka DD, CA, BB, CV). 

These flotilla ships are 

Fast Attack Crafts - FACS (MTB/MGB), stuff like German E-Boats and Patrol Ships. They are DD's little sisters. Stealthy and with a different turret mechanic regarding stacking "incendiary debuffs" that will cause fire after it hits some 30 times. FACs do not use DD-Torpedoes. Instead, they use close-range "tactical torpedoes", designed to cause debuffs rather than high dmg. This is to allow your fleet ship sisters to land better hits and such. A real mosquito in the water. Your "Thunder in Pariadise" boat. Btw, if you did not see Thunder In Paradise TV show, you better check it out. With Hulk Hogan btw. lol


Frigates - FF - A sisterhood of Destroyer Escorts (DDE), Corvettes (K) and Escort Ships (IJN in particular). These ships come in as "Yugioh paladins", bringing so-called Flotilla Tacticals; Short-duration auras/buffs to enhance your fellow fleetships in battle. They are particularly slow with some 19 to 24knots, but are somewhat stealthy as DDs and will bring benefits to those who stay with her. Players can choose some two or three tacticals cards out of a plethora of some 30, which fits their style. The FF cadre thus SUPPORTS the fellowship. They also come with a special BINOCULAR ABILITY.

A quick sight on the FF's abilities. Lima-Oscar-Lima...


Escort Carrier - CVE - CV's smaller sister. She is slower but just like the FFs, she supports via "Flotilla Strategicals" (offers different buffs). Things she CAN'T DO: No torpedo/divebomb crafts, scout via planes (at least not that well), tank DD harrass and other stuff related to the original CV attributes. On the other hand, she comes with two types of crafts. Heavy and Light Attack Crafts. HAFs are twin-engine crafts like the B25 Mitchell and others that have heavy autocannons up to 75mm, parachute-fragmentation bombs and FFA/HVARockets. They are meant to do strafing runs, causing damage over time as they dash by. HAFs are medium range planes. They also "disturb" the enemy ship's aiming at the same time. 

note: planes only come in 3-plane "Wings". They are also not that good as "BB sky cancer" - that's for the real CV. CVE is a lot more tactical.

LAFs are light fighter planes like the F2A Buffalo. They are LAF*ably inferior to CV fighters, but come with the special attribute of providing cover to a friendly ship, thus "pushing away any divebombers, and forcing torpbombers, to fire from a greater distance, allowing the protected ship to respond much earlier". Both LAF/HAF are bad for scouting duty and don't have much fuel. CVE, LAF and HAF all have very good concealment values.


Submarine (OH NOOO!). Don't worry. These are justified as support (and in a way, gimmicky) ships. This includes submarine cruisers like Surcouf. None of these are the "Romulan Warbirds" you fear so much. More in the actual PDF/images. They use tactical and "strategical torps". Also comes with a simple detection mechanic.

No Anti-Submarine-Warfare implementations like Depthcharges and Hedgehogs are necessary! Shells and torps are enough. When a SS submerges, it gains considerable "armor/dmg mitigation". "Deep dive" is the only ability as defense. It also "blinds" the player. No map, no view, nada. (no underwater rendering necessary either).

Also, the sub, while underwater, is prone to being targeted by friendly units by accident. So you will have friendly fire as well until you emerge. More in the said PDF.


At the end, it is that simple: You pick the mode. 


Anyways. Constructive criticism aka the-usually-destructive forum commentary is accepted.

However. I would only take those in account that have read something above or have actually something in particular to criticize about (something that hasn't quite be the case in other threads I had read). 



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Good luck to you, there's obviously a lot of work put into this. And frankly some of it is absurd. But some of it looks really interesting and/or useful.

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I doubt anything will come of this, but it's a well-made effort at least. Might catch Wargaming's ear with it

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Seems like you want to completely re-write the game....Seems unlikely to get taken seriously at this point. 

I hope you enjoyed doing it, because that's a serious amount of work for something that will never get implemented.

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Good luck to you, there's obviously a lot of work put into this. And frankly some of it is absurd. But some of it looks really interesting and/or useful.


Oh, I am aware of that. I'm sure Rudolf Petersen would agree, too. Since you mentioned "some", could you elaborate what exactly? Thanks.



Seems like you want to completely re-write the game....Seems unlikely to get taken seriously at this point. 

I hope you enjoyed doing it, because that's a serious amount of work for something that will never get implemented.


I doubt there is any rewriting in "classic mode keeps things the way you know it". Unless you mean the Commander Skills for the basic four ship types? Hard to tell what you talking about here. If it is that, then, uh YES - because my opinion really thinks the current Commander Skills are utter bull. If we are going to keep with the utter bull, I would at least want utter bull for each ship class.

Anyways. I do intend to write a toned-down/feet-on-the-ground version, separately from this. 


And this is the suggestion board. We just post stuff for people to discuss or think about. There are no bigger hopes. I just used photoshop for the fancy boxes. That, plus writing, is no real work for me tbh. 

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