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Having a bit of fun at tier X

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My god finally


Yes, you read that right. I decided to take Yamato-sama out on a date before the saving grace of lolpenning goes away. Yes I am aware that Yamato-sama is being very polite and professional for someone you're out on a date with. Don't judge


I actually had a pretty fun battle with a very good result, so I got together some images to share from that battle. Highly edited images, that is [well, moderately edited. Some of them aren't edited actually...] just to completely show off. Don't look at me like that. Let's just go...


When RNGesus got your back



Spot me!



No problem [you'll see more of this]



How to be a bro:



Enjoying it while it lasts




When the torpedobeat amount is just right [i had a total of 60 fired at me this game. Didn't get hit at all]



We won, by the way. The team pulled it back from the rather embarrassing start, saving the game and earning a win, thanks to organization and actual teamwork. This was actually a very exciting match to play, not because we won and I got a high caliber, but it wasn't the usual tier X game you see where everyone avoids engagements as much as possible. Everyone was shooting and killing each other all game, and at medium to close ranges as well

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+1 to the (uhh, I can't tell what you are... a Pokemon?) for the amusing format, looked like a helluva game.


Got a replay?  Some of those Torpedus moments might be YouTube-worthy.

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