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The days of 053 Hak 023 Essex and 031 Zuihos

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044 Hakuryu deletes a Taiho with 2 Fighter squadrons on his bomber group without separating them. No fear of strafe back then I guess. Life was easier ;) Also good old border humping technique to make a manual drop harder on enemy carrier. :P


122 Essex wrecking with 250k dmg


Overview of IJN carriers upon release with 0.3.1


053 Hak deleting Montanas and Yammies with AUTO DROPS!


023 Essex. Unleashing hell. 276k dmg and 7 kills....


People complain about unbalanced CVs today. But man, it was REALLY bad back in the day. Meta was a race to see which carrier would snipe the other first and then farming 300k damage with ridiculous strike packages. Not to mention, Tier X CVs facing no CV on the other team, or lower tier CVs. Or 2 Tier Xs vs 1 Tier X CV.




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I miss the non-mirrored games.  Strike Zuiho with no enemy cv on the other team was just so fun :)


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Give me 031 Zuiho now.... It's not like those fighters ever do anything against Bogue fighters. 

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