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Leaks should come to an end

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I don't know how to report a major leak event to WG. I think the official forum is good for this. If this thread violates the rule, please move this to the proper place. Thank you!


My English is not native, so I'll try to use plain words to express my idea accurately.


Recently I had posted a article about some stories about a major leak event from ST&DEV on Reddit, the link is https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/53rs1t/some_truth_about_sea_group_their_leaks/. Detailed information is in the post. I can copy my post here if necessary .


The reason I post here is to report this serious leak and NDA violation to WG. It's time to kill the source and stop them from spreading leaks.


The website and its founder I mentioned on Reddit leaked tons of confidential contents, including German BB(in July), RN cruiser(in Sep), Dunkerque(in July), IJN new DD(now) and etc. The detailed data of new IJN DD(Ayanami, Yayori, Akitsuki, etc) are all leaked. What's more ridiculous is they even have a web model viewer of Akitsuki and a review of Tier 10 RN cruiser. 


It's hard to believe that a leak group have infiltrated WG so much that they can get ST&DEV files on time for so many times, as well as their unrepentant attitude on ignoring and violating NDA. They even have ST accounts right now. 


After they get ST/DEV files, they crack and leak the data&models. When the new changes on ST implemented, they just go play it, leak screenshots even review. It's insane that they just declared THEY ARE NOT BOUND BY NDA.


They just post those thing on their website with ads and block Adblock. They profit from ads by leak and received 0 consequence. Even now they're still able to access ST even DEV then leak. 


This is definitely a serious issue. Such leaks just hurt players and make them doubt if Wargaming is still in control of their ST and DEV.


If there's a proper way to report this, please tell me if so. It's my pleasure to help if needed.


Thank you!

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NA is aware of the situation as well as the posts that were made on reddit regarding this group.


We are not able to discuss any steps that are being taken at this time in regards to this issue,


Thank you for you concern and for your bringing this to our attention.


This thread will remain locked at this time.

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