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Domination Game Theory

Proximity to Key Areas  

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  1. 1. A ship (excluding CVs) becomes more irrelevant the further they sail from the key areas.

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I've been thinking about this for a long time and wanted to post it for public comment.


Often times I see one or more allied ships chasing a ship to the border. By running the enemy ship(s) out near the border, you can now turn back and have a better allied-to-enemy ship ratio back at the key areas where you can better pressure them for capture. The enemy ship(s) chased far away from caps will take longer to come back (to become relevant again) while your team will have taken more caps or helped focus other enemy ships actively defending/attacking key areas. And by the time they do come near the key areas again, you can be in a better position to hold them off, probably capped more areas and helped your team sink the more aggressive enemy ships in/around the key areas.


Another scenario I've seen: allied ships chase one enemy ship out to the border. They eventually sink it but are now far from the key areas which allow the enemy team an easier time capturing them. The enemy team gains points over time to cover the point loss and your ships are out of position for a long time weakening your chances of a win.

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Another situation that makes me go  " wait ... you are doing what ? " is with players who want to play Domination maps the same way they play standard maps.  I know it's a low/mid tier map but with Strait in Domination mode I often see players going north or south through the side channels to " join up with the team " ignoring 2 caps.  I sort of understand that with Standard mode split spawns and wanting to defend as a group, but in Domination mode ?  It just seems like " I want to try to use my team mates as meat shields and be safe at the beginning of the match " or " ah danger ... noooo :nerv_fish::panic_fish: "

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False: ALL ships, including CV's, become more irrelevant the further they sail from the key areas.

IF a CV can maintain cover and avoid spotting, the closer it stays to combat the more strikes it can get in, the problem comes in getting team cooperation in helping keep the carrier safe (good luck).

But ANY ship will have it's effectiveness reduced by increasing it's range from the enemy.

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