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RN cruisers in-game tech tree: Engage Russian humor filter

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So we can see the RN cruisers in-game (with minimal details).


Make sure you have your Russian humor filter engaged.


- Octuple pompoms used instead of quad mounts to help justify Leander, Fiji being over-tiered.

- A seaplane Roc (when the actual Roc was withdrawn in 1939) aboard the Tier 7 Fiji

And so on...











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It all depends.  After playing the Russian Cruiser line, one thing I have learned, is you have can have the most pathetic protection scheme in the game.  But if the main guns are good, they will offset all issues.


Guns define this game.  If the ship has pathetic guns, i.e. USN Cruisers, then they are a failure.

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I dunno personally I find glass cannons very frustrating because once words gets out how easy your ship is to demolish people will focus fire you no matter what and it makes games very annoying.  I found the Kirov and Nurnberg exemplified this for me perfectly; despite how well I would do with them I would often be frustrated at being the center of attention for seemingly everyone on the battlefield or every battleship salvo was tense waiting to see if it'd rip half my ship's health off.  Conversely the Yorck which gets a lot of flak for its crappy guns at least has the staying power to stack up damage.


I suppose it depends on playstyle, these almost seem like an evolution of the Flint's CL-with-smoke style, which could work wonderfully or be an unmitigated train wreck.  Ironically I ran into a Brit cruiser last night and my friend tore him up with his Schores.

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