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Weekend PvP : Can't Win? Just Do Damage

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Sometimes no matter what you do you can't win.  After these two final games yesterday, I called it quits for the day. 




I don't let this frustrate me anymore; I just try to do as much damage as I can.


I had another losing game I didn't screenshot where I had the top score (914), while the closest person behind me had a score of 399.


Despite all this, I don't fixate on individual games as much as I used to.  You just have to accept the fact that you're going to have garbage games from time to time.  For example, I had a couple 25,000 damage games thrown into the mix.  Sometimes you just go the wrong way and the team dies and/or loses all the cap zones in 5 minutes.  


Still, I've found this situation mostly arises on the weekends.  During the week I feel I land on marginally more competent teams on a more regular basis.


Same thing was true in WoT.  And I learned that you just perform the best you can no matter what hand the MM gods deal you.  Everything balances out over time.  That's why it's important not to fixate on individual instances bad fortune.  Good fortune will balance it out over time.

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"From time to time" I can deal with. The problem is that I'm getting these kinds of games in strings of perhaps 8 in a row before decide to call it quits. When I'm ending up top 3 in 8 lost matches in a row, it severely impacts my belief in "everything balancing out over time". Instead I end up concluding that either a) WG are manipulating the MM so I end up on a losing team, or b) people on my team are intentionally losing.


Normally, I'm doing fine. I'm somewhere around 55 to 60% in terms of win ratio. But then suddenly, it's like someone flips a switch and it's just loss after loss.

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