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Advice for playing nagato

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So i just got nagato yesterday and i suck balls in it. so could you guys give me some advice on how to play it please? thanks.

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Buy the next Hull asap . 


Dont brawl with USN/GER BBs .


Use your superior gun accuracy and higher caliber to kill BBs from distance (15km ish)


If you have to push , dont show sides .


Dont test her AA , its awful


Dont waste shots missing CAs 

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Stay angled, if your in a 1v1 situation and need to turn, wait till the enemy fires its broadside( assuming BB) then turn, so you can hide your side before he reloads. Upgrade hulls and range as quick as possible., and beyond that... The guns are very good, and if your a good shot you should do well with them. when downtiered use your range advantage over US and German BBs, and use your superior armor Vs other japanese BBs( Assuming Fuso and maybe kongos). Buy the rudder shift time upgrade.... as it will help you dodge overwhelming torpedo attacks( trust me, it has saved me so many times).  and beyond that remember RNG can hate or love you, so take results with a grain of salt. 

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