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How to play the Hosho

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I just bought her and still running stock config. I need to do a mission where I need to be top on exp.

How should I play her stock? Any recommended upgrades?


Please leave tips so I can learn how to play Hosho and IJN carrier line (1st time playing carriers is hard, for example, a few hours ago when i tried carriers.)



bacon :p

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Hosho is the training CV where you learn to use manual drops effectively. Additionally, you can learn strafing against Langley squadrons on the side, but focus on manual dropping.

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....Get used to the controls, basically.


You can have "how to manual drop" explained to you ad nauseum, and none of it will matter unless you can get a feel for it.


Once you have the hang of it though, CV decision making is the easiest crap ever. i.e., why CV bots lasted quite a while before they were noticed; they played like bad CV players instead of being immediately and obviously recognisable as bots.

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Flamu has a Hosho guide which covers all the basics and some tricks too.

If you are interested in general carrier play look up Aerroon and iChase carrier guides on youtube.


Related specifically to the Hosho, you MUST upgrade your fighters ASAP.  Hosho fighters upgrade to be better than Langley fighters, so if you can pull off a strafe that kills 2 fighters you are likely to win the fighter battle.  If you can win the fighter battle you should do it as nothing is easier as a CV than fighting a CV with no fighters.  You can attack his bombers with impunity and low tier AA doesn't do too much to your planes except the Texas which you should never approach with your planes in a Hosho.


However, committing to the fighter battle is risky so you can also try to snipe the CV.  Many low tier cvs don't know what they are doing and often sit stationary so its not too difficult to kill the CV.  Don't try this against a Bogue though as its AA is very strong and will eat your planes. Against a  Langley, Hosho, or Zuiho the CV snipe is viable.   If you aren't confident that you can kill the CV with 1 attack wave though I would generally suggest doing damage to other ships.  Remember your team loves to kill carriers, so if they find it they will do anything to kill it.  If you can make their path to the enemy CV easier, you are still working to kill him.

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