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A few words of encouragement to my fellow newbs

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Hello from Newb land.

I was in a pvp game the other day and I did horribly.  It seemed that I could not hit anything.  I was trying to keep an enemy destroyer from sinking our carrier and I failed miserably.  I sent round after round flying at the enemy DD but, while I knocked him down to around 30% health, I could not put him away to same my, or the CV's lives. I aimed right, he went left.  I aimed left, he went right.  I was just having no success at all to the point where the CV driver asked me if I was completely useless and continued to deride me well past the point of my caring.  Never the less, It was quite embarrassing. So I determined to improve my gunnery skills.

I opened a training room and did a few experiments.  Here is what I found out in raw numbers:

Damage caused:17,900

he: 29 hits for 13175 damage

shells fired: 95

ap shells: 0/0

Other 4725

fires 2/ 4725

Conditions:  From a stationary ship, (Omaha) at a stationary, non-firing target (Shimakaze) at a range of 7k

Firing/Target Angle: Bow to Bow

I fired full salvos from all 5 bow guns.  Target reticle in same place for every shot.


Same deal but broadside to broadside;




My point is this; you're gonna miss.  Don't let it get you down.  A certain amount of inaccuracy is built into the game. The spot your round went last time may not go to the same place next time.  Add to that the fact that you, (WE), are still learning and that the target is maneuvering and shooting back at you and then throw in additional ships and planes that are also shooting at you and, well you can see where I'm going with this.  I am sure that, to a point at least, there are ways to overcome this.  In games there almost always are.  We just need to figure them out.


So if you are feeling down, don't be.  Things will get better, I promise.  Keep playing, keep practicing and both you and I will get better as we go.  Good luck and good hunting!



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A good way for newer players to hone their skills is in Co-oP mode. Go get better at playing by playing robots; they are a bit more forgiving and still give you some credits and XP. It is also a good place to try any 'New Manuevers' you want to use on the competition the next time you see them.

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     I guess that any game is going to attract trolls that are going to belittle or blame others for any misfortune . I remind myself all of the time that I am only seconds away from making a wrong decision or having a total brain fart. With that in mind I try not to troll some ones play. Playing exclusively DD's I am so use to taking the blame for any loss and never getting any credit for wins. I can hold a flank or deny the enemy a  area by sending torps into certain choke points. I can put BB's and Cruisers down to the point of getting one salvo by a mate and they are gone and never get a thanks for it. I just had a game where I had a CV set up on a torp run when I had my rudder shot out . I was called every name in the book for not firing my torps , fact was I couldn't get a shot until my rudder was fixed. Back in closed beta there was a sense of community and the name calling and such was a minimum , I knew once this game was opened it would change, world of tanks taught me that. I just tell myself that theres still a majority of good sports playing this game and ignore the children.

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