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I finally managed a carry... Sort of... at least I got a Kraken

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Fight on Solomon, Domination mode; my best Texas game ever according to the data tracker on the game's website.


Started in west and headed south towards A. Realized most of enemy team was in North, and chatted for everyone starting to do the usual run away from capping to get in A because of that.


Went south-ish, then turned north and headed in the direction of the pass, since the rest of the team was headed that way, as well as the enemy. Shooting at various thing along the way as targets presented themselves. spotting off and on the enemy DD.


Headed into the gap, S to N, holding my course as I went, because that kept my guns pointed at the majority of the enemy I could see. Enemy DD kept flashing in and out on mini-map.


Course committed me to heading back west of islands, unless I expended serious effort to turn around. At one point fired a shot ACROSS the upper works of an allied ship to nail the enemy Furutaka, I think just as he was about to torp. (Literally watched in binocular mode as my shells sailed over and past the allied ship's masts on their way to the Furutaka.)


Continued north, enemy DD torps constantly setting off the torp alarm in my wake, flung a hardtack biscuit at the Karl to sink it, then focused on the enemy Texas. Along the way I'd started to worry we were in trouble, but in my wake the rest of the team roughly handled most of the remaining enemies on the east side of the islands.


I think the Texas may have focused too long on shooting at and defending against attacks by our Hosho, because I had an easy time shooting the ship up, what with sitting mostly still and broadside, and sending very little return fire my way until it was too late. Turned into C and capped, then headed back down the west side of the islands. 


The Wyoming seemed to almost be the same, only it may have been too focused on capping B? Pretty much another fish in a barrel.


It's nice if the other players want to make sinking them easy, to the verge of it seeming like clubbing, but sometimes I wonder what people are thinking when they do such things...


The Haruna choose the better part of valor, (maybe 15, 20% health left?) and I was starting to sweat that I'd not seen the DD in a while. Inquired on chat, and was told it was in B. Started hearing the countdown clock just as it appeared, just managed to get my front turrets around, was not even sure any more if I had AP or HE loaded, ​(I think it was HE, because I was expecting the DD to show up after sinking the Wyoming,) held the fire button down while swinging both the turrets and ship; the countdown continued, the turrets came on and fired, and i got the 'BINK-BOOM! Enemy destroyer blown up!'  pretty much at the same time the counter reached 00:00.


I really didn't know I'd taken down six ships, ​(though one was with a piece of Civil-War surplus hardtack,) until I looked at the Personal Score page and realized I had.


Nice game, best score so far in Texas, but I was top tier, the enemy made things easy, and I didn't even get a Confederate or a High Caliber, just a Kraken +1, and didn't double score, so I guess no carry.


Closest I think I've ever been to doing so though.


Nice game to finish off the 25 sinkings mission with, and to end the gaming day with on my birthday.




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You didn't eat a torpedo, pretty much sign number one in a battleship that things are going well. Wow, no HE damage either.


Happy life anniversary:)

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Happy Birthday !    :medal:


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Gratz/Happy Birthday! The Texas is quickly becoming one of my go-to ships, even if the vaunted AA suite isn't really all that great. :sceptic:


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Wow 121k+ DMG and no Confederate or High Caliber?  I know its possible but I don't think that I have ever gotten kraken with out one or both of the others!



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