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Khabarovsk - Captian Set up

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Hi all Khab players


With the discount on respecing I've been playing around with my Khab captain. Have tried concealment expert but missed the fire power too much and have now gone back to DE & AFT. The question I'm now looking at is what to do with the spare three points


I took EM for 2 and Expert loader for 1 (BOS isn't that attractive as I run prem damage control)




How have you set up your Kahb captains and what advantages, disadvantages have you seen?


My dream set up is when I get the next point and it will be SE + DE + AFT (will drop loader and EM)



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I wouldn't bother with Expert Loader -- I don't consider that skill particularly useful on battleship captains, let alone a ship with a sub-5 second reload, since it only engages (as per its description) when the guns are already loaded.  It's usually just quicker to queue up the appropriate ammunition type for the next shot and fire what you have. Battleship AP will mess up a destroyer just fine, despite certainly overpenetrating, and destroyer AP can usually be aimed to have some effect on bigger ships, even if it's only shooting up the superstructure because the angle and distance aren't optimal for anything else.  So I never bother with Expert Loader on... well, anything, really.  Additionally, I wouldn't bother with Expert Marksman on the Khab either, since the turret traverse is already very quick (I actually use the hardware module that buffs reload speed at the expense of turret traverse, and mine is still in the 10 second range, which is plenty fast).


My setup is Basic Firing Training (faster reload with the bonus of more effective AA), Last Stand (because, as a gunboat, even the Khab takes hits occasionally, and a stationary Khab is a very, very dead Khab), Superintendent (because more smoke and engine boost charges are always welcome), and... well, for the fourth level skill on the Khab, you can go with any one of Survival Expert (4000 extra health for any destroyer isn't peanuts), Demolition Expert or Advanced Firing Training.  I went with Advanced Firing Training, because, in conjunction with my level 5 skill (Concealment Expert), it lets me invisi-fire in the Khab, and you can imagine how aggravating Yamatos find that little trick.


For the last three points (which would be a full 18 point captain -- I have 16 now), I'll probably get Torpedo Armament Expertise and Basics of Survivability (or just save the last skill point for possible future skill changes).

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I've only owned a Khab for...21 hours now, and I'm still figuring her out. Had a few monster games, and a few really crappy ones. Finally starting to consistently win more than I lose in her, 30 or so games in. 

But I'm running (14 pt capt)

1: BFT. Rationale: 10% DPS boost. Expert Loader is worthless on any ship, but especially DDs. She has a 3.7 sec load time with MBM3 (which I run) and BFT. If I have the wrong ammo loaded, I fire what I have and reload. 
2: Last Stand. Rationale: Every DD needs this. We lose our rudder and steering too often, especially in gunboats. 
3: Super. Rationale: This gives me an extra speed boost and smoke, plus I run premium smoke for 4 charges.
4: AFT. Rationale: Can invisifire from max range and can snipe CV and BB from 15.6 km away (still have a hard time hitting cruisers from that range) Even if spotted, more range means more time to evade return fire. 
4: SE. Rationale: 4k HP is more time I can stay alive. I know a lot of people run DE but to me, 3% extra fire chance isn't worth choosing over almost 25% increase in hp. I'm only an average player at best, and I make enough dumb mistakes that SE helps me survive them and keep contributing to team. I run it on my Fletcher, Farragut, and Kamikaze-R too. 

I may swap out SE for Concealment Expert when I get my 15th point in the next week, but I doubt it. Russian DDs are gunners, speed and dodging fire substitute for stealth. I thought hard about it but almost everyone I know that plays Russian DDs well seems to advocate for AFT+DE or SE over AFT+CE and the logic makes sense. 

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