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Replay Functionality in the In-Game Menu

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So, its been almost two years since the game released, and about as long since the replay system was included- when can we expect the ability to turn replays on and off in the in-game menu? I know- programming is hard, but I've attempted to turn on replays using the instructions the devs posted on the forums four times over the past year, twice it did nothing, once it turned on replays for the PTR but not the actual game, and the latest attempt (and last until they add a button to the menu...) screwed up my settings. 


Are there any plans, short term or long term, to have functionality that allows you to turn on replays from the in-game menu without digging around the game's .ini files? Y'know, like every other released game with a replay system?

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You're suggesting that WoWs implement something that would please most if not all of their customer base... BLASPHEME. May the RNGods frown upon your next battle.

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*Does not add to gameplay*


Same reason why they won't allow us access to the depot and being able to buy consumables & modernizations in bulk...:sceptic:

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