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Weekend stress and stress-relief. (Incl trolling a Tirpitz.)

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Start out the day joyously with four straight losses in my Farragut... Okay; screw that; leave and go to breakfast and to renew my license plate at the DMV.


Okay; all better now. Four straight losses in Farragut... Then finally a win. Not a good showing. 2 good games, (including the win,) three so-so games, and four 'what the flip was I doing' games.




(Grinding my teeth now...) OH-KAY... Captain is training across various ships, trying to get 16th skill point. Put him in Atlanta. How much worse could that possibly be? Immediate win, pretty good one too, at least by my standards.


Feeling better now. Switch to Marblehead. Another good game and a win.


Switch to the last of the training ships, Indianapolis. Two terrible games, (10k+ danage? Come on self, you can do batter than that...) So, I did better.






I will concede though; the Furutaka was a straight up citadel kill, The Nagato was a 'Enemy battleship sunk!'  that happened THE VERY INSTANT I rammed the Fuso, which was clearly still alive after the ram, thus confusing me tremendously, (he received a 'Die Hard,' but later sank from flooding.) I wouldn't know until looking at the score page later that my secondaries apparently hit the Nagato ONCE, set him on fire, and he burned up and sank. I really had no idea the ship was even that close, all I could see in my tunnel-visioned death-ride was the Furutaka and the Fuso.


Yay! 90k damage! Good game for me!


My best stress relief this evening was actually in a loss, but I got to do something, (with help,) that I've always wanted to do. SINK a Tirpitz with my New Mexico.






Not a particularly spectacular game, only 40k+ damage, but like I said. Battle on 2B. A Colorado and Cleveland call for help from NW map area, so I have the Orator whip up 'BATTLE SPEED!' like it's Ben Hur or something, and rush over as quickly as I can. (Despite that decision being based on what looked like a stable situation, somehow everytthing fell completely apart in the next few minutes.)


Tirpitz finished the Colorado off, then the Cleveland, then he turned his sights on the 'poor little New Mexico.' Fire exchanged as we closed, I believed I had the upper hand in that; then I remembered the torps. I was far enough away fro an evade, but saw I was hemmed in by an island, and so decided to try to stay bow on was my best bet. More fire exchanged, the Tirp finally broke into a turn, so I cut in to either comb the torps, or ram if I survived.


The torp pattern precluded continuing the ram course, but one missed, or didn't arm, and I took three on the belt, AND DIDN'T FLOOD!


By that time secondaries were flying everywhere, and I noticed vaguely that somehow a mob of red destroyers were in our cap; it didn't matter though, I was now cutting hard trying to get my main battery guns back on the Tirpitz to shoot one more time before I figured he'd fire and finish me off...


"COME ON! COME ON! IS FOUR TORPS ALL YA' GOT?!?" (I didn't know until later he only hit with three.)


Aiming outside binocular mode so I could better see what was going on, each main battery fired as it lined up, and just after the after-most turret fired i got the glorious message 'ENEMY BATTLESHIP DESTROYED!'


YAHOO! Finally beat a Tirpitz in my New Mexico! Even if it was with help!


That poor Tirpitz driver probably thought a new Mexico would be a piece of cake, especially when he 'stupidly' got close, and if I'd been smarter I'd have stayed away from him, even if New Mex is a torp troll-beast, but for a game ending in defeat, it was a glorious way to go out. (One of the DDs mobbing the cap finished me off with shell-fire, and apparently at some point an ally hit me for 2k+ damage... I never noticed...)

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