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Couple bugs

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With the recent patch coming soon...kudos to making it smoother all around. But. Since 5.6?


There's a delay for whatever reason on torp/gun launch/fire. More evident on the torpedoes, but it ain't fixed after months of being patient. Another thing is that despite how many thousands on the rig and OS...can't pick a new ship sometimes. It just gets locked on whatever you were playing and have to exit out. If it were possible to fix three things and call it good - until we don't have to save every folder @ 28GB every other day on stuff that takes the "incredible" par tof the game out of the equation completely. (I have to mention that is what keeps people interested and want to play).


So much focus on balance and no thought on function. And issuing patches so no replays are valid every month without dealing with the replay situation is a lost opportunity...or UE game function is just...not sane...The delay is what needs addressed first. The patch around April is what started it. You hit it...and wonder why a guy has to launch three times for the original shot to begin with. This is not a WASD thing. We test everything unmercifully.  And seven of us are wondering why the same experience when you just need it to work the most, and it won't. We did our part in having reliable rigs to play with before we even started. I was voted to say something...and really didn't want the attention or exposure. So there ya go....popcorn a plenty. Someone cue the TO gif

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