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Started a bit slow this evening...

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First game was utterly forgettable - it was like my aiming disappeared - literally.  Had great games in general last night and this evening in the first game - 60 shots and not a one hit.  Got myself out of position as I trying to figure out what the hell was going on.  Got called a few names - because obviously anyone who is not new would never have bad games (though been a bit since I had 0 hits after a game) - at least we won.  Sorry for my lack of ability for what ever reason...


Second game was a bit frustrating early - A, B, C on Strait - I was on the A side and almost everyone with me went to B.  A cruiser tried to get a DD over to take A but was ignored.  A CV stayed with me even after I suggested they go to the islands in case I got overrun quickly.  Aiming still suffering a bit but I believe the cruiser came back to help me with A after which I took out a ship.  He was not happy and made it known in chant and I have to say I was staring down a cruiser at the time so I was not happy with his comments and took it a bit personally (which I should not have done).  As I was gunning down the cruiser and chatting - my secondaries opened up apparently and right when I took out the cruiser I also took out another ship (my guess is a Karl with 70 hp left).


So at this time we had no caps BUT was leading due to taking out more ships.  I had nearly no health and was waiting on a repair and the enemy has 2 CVs left.  One ws near me so after I repair I get bombed 2 times (one hits) and a dodge a torp and finally see the CV with about 1/3rd health.  One volley took it out and we won.  Got 30 flags for Double Strike, Dreadnought, and Close Quarters - never got so many flags in one game.


Replay:  http://wowreplays.com/Replay/10551

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