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At least I did more to earn it this time...

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first one is tough to get,   continue to play well and you will get more  :)


centarina, it seems you were right...


Compared to my original Solo-Warrior,




At least this time I did more to earn it.







Fujin, training my Mutsuki captain, so the torps are 5.6k instead of 7.0k, (torp accel skill,) so I tend to run it (and my Kami-R) a bit like a Wickes or Clemson; just with worse guns.


Start N/E corner of New Dawn. crossing WSW scouting and watching for the enemy. Circled a bit until a sniping cruiser's location behind east islands was confirmed. Headed that way with several cruisers.


​While enemy cruiser was distracted, managed to sneak close using the big island in the middle-west of New Dawn as cover, and accelerated torps did the rest.


Briefly went back north since it seemed a cruiser was trying to take my small groups's flank, but a few torps (which missed,) convinced him it was a bad idea.


Headed back south, then north, then south again as several cap-camping enemy battleships pushed towards the west, but after wiping out my small group, (unfortunately,) they lost interest and headed through the middle islands of New Dawn towards our cap.


I kept seeing some kind of shadow on the mini-map in the enemy cap, which I suspected was a battleship, and that caused me to hesitate; but when it became obvious I had to at least try to cap or we would lose, I headed in.


Held off using my boost, because I kept seeing that shadow (one of the mini-map ship wedges,) in the cap. Finally decided to just charge, because there seemed to be no other choice if the ship was hidden.


Made it into the cap, then was suddenly spotted. I'm all 'WTH? I can see the whole cap!' then glanced down at the mini-map and saw the enemy carrier coming out from behind that middle-south island on New Dawn where CVs like to hide. 'dun-dun-duuuuunnnnn!'


He had guts, and dodged many torps, but a Bogue vs a mostly undamaged Fujin, even one with range-crippled torps, was no contest. Popped smoke to help shield me from long-range fire from the other surviving enemy ships, and started pumping torps and shells at the CV.


My last surviving teammate said goodbye as the enemy took out his carrier and all crowded into our cap, but it was too late. With just 5-10% left, even a multi-ship cap couldn't catch up, and the win was secured.


Maybe I would have said this was a carry before, but after the recent thread on that subject, I know better than to do so.

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gib me solo warrior pl0x.

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I have yet to meet a team that would let me get Solo Warrior. I once beat 3 ships to my one for a win but sadly thats not medal worthy. 

Congrats OP.

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got one by shear luck in my Mahan once.... JUst as the last ship on my team was killed,.....I was capping the Enemy side of two brothers..... there were 5 ships in red and all my team was deleted, the last one right at 996.... and then the last 4 points.... Solo Warrior... LOL

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