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Video find: Off Limits areas of the USS Iowa (YouTube)

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Was derping around YouTube and came across this video of a tour inside parts of the USS Iowa you don't normally see.



dseehafer, I think you'll find the engine room bit interesting, given that your grandfather served on the Tirptiz, I imagine it would be a similar environment. I can see how he would have gotten burned and bruised during the mini-sub attack, given all those various pipes to get knocked against.


I had always wanted to see inside one of the 5" gun turrets, towards the end of the video, since I play a lot of USN DD. I thought that the 5"/38 had power ammo hoists and power ramming, the crew not needing to directly handle the shells,. The guide though made it sound like the ammo was loaded into the tray by hand and hand rammed. Am I missing something? (I know the clearing charge, in the event of a dud, was hand rammed.)


Hope you all enjoy this.

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