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Fr05ty's ADLA attempt: Sleipner class Destroyers

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Hello and welcome again! Once again I'm copying dseehafer (with his permission) to post an ADLA based on his format.Remember that this is just a study on how to implement the Sleipner class Destroyers in the game. As always, I know that this will prove controversial and opinions will be split. Everybody's welcome to comment, critique and provide their opinions but please just keep it civil :)


Sleipner class Destroyer


The Sleipner class Destroyers were a series of 6 destroyers that were built from 1936 up until the German invasion in 1940. They were quite advanced for their time and had a good mix of main guns, anti-aircraft artillery and anti-submarine weapons. They all had slightly different weapon loadouts and remarkably different fates.

The lead ship, HNoMS Sleipner, was regarded as the “unsinkable” ship as it survived numerous attempts by the Luftwaffe to sink it and even managed to shoot down a few bombers. After Norway was captured by Germany, Sleipner dashed to Britain where it would serve as a coastal guard and escort convoy. The myth about the Sleipner being unsinkable was often used by the Norwegian government to inspire the Norwegian forces during the war as a beacon of light when all else looked gloom.

The HNoMS Æger fired one of the first shots of the Norwegian forces against the German forces when she intercepted and sank the German supply ship Roda. She was then sunk by German bombers after downing two bombers with her anti-aircraft armament.

The HNoMS Gyller and Odin were captured by the Germans in 1940 while at port. The unfinished Balder and Tor were taken by the Germans and finished. All four of them were used by the Germans until the end of the war in 1945.

After the war, all the remaining ships were returned to Norway and converted to frigates. They were all scrapped in 1959 except for Balder which was scrapped in 1952. By the time of their scrapping, the Sleipner class had seen combat in the Royal Norwegian Navy, the English Royal Navy and the Kriegsmarine with only the Æger being sunk in combat.

The Sleipner class Destroyer would have to be implemented as extremely light and small destroyers (many have argued that they are torpedo boats instead of destroyers). I have done the following analysis assuming that the Sleipner class would be slotted in the game as a Tier 3 premium Destroyer for the Nordic Powers Navy. For reference, I have created this based on HNoMS Gyller as it was the heaviest armed destroyer of the class.



735 tonnes – 6,675HP

This would make it the lightest destroyer in the game by 65 tonnes compared to the Tachibana. Being destroyers, if the concealment is good enough, then the low hitpoints can be mitigated somewhat and owing to her small dimensions, she’d have the best concealment in the game.



Hull: 6mm

Deck: 6mm

Gun casemates: 6-10mm

The armour is as expected from a tiny destroyer, although your guns have a nice half-turret. You might be able to bounce a Glock 18 off of it though…


Main Battery

3x1 100mm/40 Bofors M1936 (4”) guns

The Sleipner has 3 guns mounted in single turrets all on the centerline, with 1 forwards and 2 aft in superfiring positions. The guns themselves are respectable for the tier, but they won’t be amazing. They will have an average firing rate (10 shots/minute) which places it between the Soviet and US navy destroyer’s ROF. Shell statistics are a bit subpar though, they fire a 14.1kg shell which is slightly lighter than the US equivalent and significantly (20%) lighter than the Soviet shells; the muzzle velocity is somewhat low at 775m/s, though elevation of the guns leads it to have superior range to the US 4” gun and only slightly lower than the Soviet 4” gun, which might lead to rainbow arcs.

Overall statistics for the guns would be a ROF of 10 shots/minute, 9.5km range, HE shells that deal 1,400 damage with 5% burn probability and AP shells that deal 1,700 damage. They will provide decent firepower which can be exploited to stealth-fire thanks to the great concealment of the ship and due to their placement it will be great for firing while fleeing. Beware the rainbow arcs though!


Torpedo Battery

2x2 or 2x1 533mm Torpedo tubes

The Sleipner has two twin-tubes mounted on the centerline which provide it with decent fields of fire. Norwegian torpedoes didn’t have very long range, but they carried powerful warheads and were quite fast. Damage would be 15,756, speed would be 65kts, 4.6km of range and a reload time of around 45s. Alternatively, the torpedoes could have a range of 6.4km but speed would be 61kts and the reload time increases to around 65s.

The torpedoes are very powerful but do not have a long range, there’s not too many of them and the reload is quite long, especially on the longer ranged ones. Note that the reload times on the torpedoes are completely arbitrary and I chose those values so they are somewhat balanced in the game.

There's an alternative hull that changes the twin torpedo launchers for two single torpedo launchers but grants it somewhat better AA.


AA Battery

1x1 40mm/56 Bofors M36 (7dps @3.5km) or 1x1 40mm/56 Bofors M36 (7dps @3.5km) and 2x1 12.7mm/90 Colt Machineguns (6dps @1.2km) *

The AA is good for a destroyer of this tier, it has no long-range aura, nor short-range aura although it does have a good mid-range aura. AA on destroyers is never very good, but luckily there aren’t too many carriers or planes to worry about at such a low tier. Good AA for a destroyer at this tier, not that it matters for much…


DISCLAIMER: The AA values for the weapons with asterisks (*) on them are guesstimations that I’ve done based on the ballistics of those weapons compared to a similar weapon in-game. The 12.7mm/90 Colt machineguns have values based off of the 12.7mm Browning M2 Mod. 2 guns used by the USN but with gimped performance.



32 kts – 12,500hp

Slowest of all destroyers at its tier, the Sleipner would be easy to kill once it has been spotted by other destroyers as it just can’t outrun them. The 32kts of speed however are decent enough to escape from cruisers at this tier (including Tenryu… if you use the speed boost) and move around in the map, although once spotted you better turn tail and try to run. She will have a great rudder shift time and turning circle.



The Sleipners are regular destroyers and would have the normal consumables of smoke generator and engine boost.



The Sleipner would be the stealthiest destroyer in the game, capable of creeping quite close before unleashing its torpedoes upon its target or just pepper them with his guns while hiding. Once spotted, the Sleipner must run away as it has very few hitpoints and too few guns to reliably fight off even other destroyers. Running away may also be an issue as it’s not too fast, but with smoke and the use of engine boost you should be able to run. The Sleipner will be ideal for those who like to play hide and seek, striking from afar before moving in for the killing blow with its mighty torpedoes, although if you miss with them you’ll have to wait a long time before you can fire them again. The secondary hull is here just for choice, but it’s not a very good tradeoff.



  • Very powerful and fast torpedoes for its tier
  • Great concealment (5.0km from surface, 2.2km from air)
  • Good ROF and gun range
  • Maneuverable (small turning circle and great rudder shift time)
  • Decent AA


  • Slow
  • Fragile
  • Weak guns
  • Slow torpedo reload




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Definitely a excellent low tier Destroyer, it would fit well as a decent Destroyer that would use its guns to harass enemies with its good concealment stats, alongside relatively powerful torpedoes, good post~! +1.

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Wow! An unsinkable ship that we used to rally our fighting forces! lol let's scrap it.

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Although I'm not a DD man, if you were to use your speed boost for excaping only and flying the speed flag, you'd probably be alright

very nice looking ship and I think it would be a blast to play...would probably pick it up and start playing DD's more

p.s.  really like these kinds of articles...fairly un-biased, and informative...big well done to all involved

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