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Sverige class coastal defence ship

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The Sverige class coastal defence ships (sometimes incorrectly referred to as coastal battleships) were the largest ships to serve in the Swedish Navy until that point. Their design was completely new and was influenced by the ships of the time. Their armament consisted of four 28.3 cm Bofors guns in two turrets and eight 15.2 cm guns in one double and six single turrets. During the Second World War they were the backbone of the Swedish Navy.


HMS Drottning Victoria showing off her broadside

Posted Image


Builders: Götaverken, Gothenburg (2 ships)

Kockums, Malmö (1 ship)

Operators: Swedish Navy

Built: 1912–1922

In commission: 1917–1957

Completed: 3

Scrapped: 3

General characteristics

Type: Coastal defence ship

Displacement: 7,239 tonnes standard, 7,755 tonnes full load

(Sverige: 6,961 tonnes tons standard, 7,758 tons deep load)

Length: 121.6 m (399 ft)

(Sverige: 120 m (390 ft))

Beam: 18.6 m (61 ft)

Draught: 6.2 m (20 ft)

Propulsion: original 12 Yarrow type coal-fired boilers, upgraded to oil-fired boilers in the 30´s

"Sverige" 4-shaft direct drive turbines / "Drottning Victoria" and "Gustav V" 2-shaft geared turbines

Speed: "Drottning Victoria and Gustav V" 23.5 knots (43.5 km/h) ("Sverige" 22,5 kn)

Complement: 427 (standard)

443 (as flagship)

Armament: 4 x 11.1 inches (280 mm) guns in two twin turrets

8 x 6 inches (150 mm) guns in one twin turret and four single mounts

6 x 75 millimetres (3.0 in) guns in single mounts

2 x 57 millimetres (2.2 in) guns

2 x machine guns

2 x 18 inches (460 mm) fixed torpedo tubes

Armour: Main belt 200 mm (7.9 in); deck 45 mm (1.8 in); turrets 200 millimetres (7.9 in); control tower 175 millimetres (6.9 in)



Ship project history: The last classical coast defence battleships in the world and the unique coast defence battleships equipped with a turbine machinery.

The history of designing of these ships goes back to 1906 when the chiefs of the Swedish Naval Forces had come to conclusion that the sizes and arms of existing coast defence ships do not answer time requirements. According to experts meaning it was required to increase displacement to 7000 - 7500 ts, that would allow to mount 283mm main artillery and adequate protection. The design of the battleship named "F" has been prepared according to new requirements . It represented strongly increased Oscar II with four 283mm guns in two end turrets and 22.5kts speed. Construction of the new ship which has received a name Sverige has been approved by parliament in 1911.


Oscar II Coastal defence ship


In a parallel way with designing of the ship Bofors has started designing of 283mm gun accepted by the Swedish fleet in 1912 and by the right of considered for time one of best in the world. Secondary artillery has not changed in comparison with a prototype, but placed in a new fashion: one twin turret took place behind fore main turret, and remaining six guns were placed in single turrets on three aboard, as by earlier ships of Äran class. 4 anti-TB, 2 AA 75mm guns and two underwater TT also were installed.

Machinery of Sverige included 4 turbines directly connected with two shafts.

Ship have equipped with a small forecastle with a sloping deck (as on early torpedo boats), pulled to fore main turret for the purpose of seaworthiness raise.

In 1914 parliament has made a decision about a building of two more battleships of Sverige class with minor design alterations. The most appreciable appearance alterations were abandoning from ram (at the expense of some slenderness of a fore end) and other form of a forecastle. Machinery was redesigned: Gustaf V and Drottning Victoria received 2-shaft 22000hp geared steam turbines instead of turbines with a direct drive. t and the improved hull form had led to a velocity increment on 0.7kts. (From 22.5 to 23.2kts.), using of geared driven turbines even with a smaller full stock of fuel (761 against 776ts) have allowed to raise an endurance to 3280 miles (against 2720 miles at Sverige).


Protection:  Main belt of 2m in height was stretched almost on all length of the hull and was 112m long. It had 200mm thickness at 51m midship part, thinning to ship ands first to 150, and then to 60mm.

The 100mm upper belt extended from fore barbette of 152mm turret to a barbette of after main turret.


HMS Sverige from abit from front

Posted Image


HMS Gustav V 11.1 inch turret and 6" secondary gun

Posted Image

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Very interesting ships, compact battleships and the super firing turret on the front is a nice touch. Also 23 knots is very fast for the type. The Gustav V survived till 1970, that is very interesting!

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Did I already mention that i like this Coastal Ships?


Nice post!

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