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So Mogami's 155mm configuration draws varying opinions from people, and I have to say, I can see why: she can perform like two poles of a magnet, mostly dependent on whether your teammates are competent or not.  Usually if I die it's either getting DS'd by battleship salvos while trying to torpedo, failing to use Extreme Ultra Super-Late Braking/WASD and eating fish for it, or some combination of the two, but regardless in almost every match that I've died in Mogami I've lost my entire health pool in the space of under a minute.


But, there's an upside to having this ship balanced around slow turret traverse: it means its damage output when not having to maneuver (i.e. dodge) is absolutely ridiculous.  I generally refer to the Russian CAs as the "escapee killers" of the game because of their long range and high-velocity main guns, but the 155 Mogami is shaping up to be one, too, with her huge broadside, good HE damage and fire chance, and the highest muzzle velocity of any IJN CA (funnily enough, it's 925m/s, just like the Russians').




"I guess it's hard for bad guys like us to die.  The real heroes always manage to die first...we live the rest of our lives in hell.  But then again, being alive is proof that we were good."

Props to anyone who gets the reference.

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Ace Combat? 

Wisconsin and I chat about it occasionally. He's a huge nut for it. 

I've also been meaning to check it out.


I remember from CBT when the 155s with AP would wreck battleships before they implemented proper armor models.

She's a nightmare for DDs even now with the nerfed 155s. 

However I still prefer the versatility of the 8 inchers, partially because of my experience with Atago.

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