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Hello Captains and Commanders!


So in case you don't know who I am, I am Pigeon_Of_War, the Assistant Producer for World of Warships in the NA market. You may have seen me in a video or event or just in battle from time to time. A small bit about me can be found Here


So here's what I'm looking for in this section, feedback! Feedback on the game, feedback on your thoughts for historical events, feedback on future items to come. The more information you want to present, the better. Feel free to create new threads so long as they are topical to possibly making the game better and feel free to also sit in The Pigeon's Mess, a section where you can just banter away. I will keep it loosely moderated, but please follow theForum Rules and guidelines.


Fair Seas!


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Hello everyone!


I'm (obviously) Sub_Octavian, less obviously - Philip, and this is my favorite store on the citadel. I work in Saint-P WG studio with WoWs development team. My job is to support the communication process between developers and players. Thus, I am responsible for dev's answers on RU forum, for patch notes (and Dasha's videos scripts) and, on the other hand, I manage a small game analysis team. Sometimes I also post funny pictures. 


My dear colleagues (thank you, Pigeon!) kindly let me come here so I can answer your questions about the game. I am really excited to engage in this process, as I absolutely love answering questions (even when they make me cry) and getting some feedback and ideas in return. I will start slowly, posting here and there and then maybe we will set up a special FAQ topic. I really, really hope that my English will not terrify you.


Nice to meet all of you and hey, thank you - here in Saint Petersburg we appreciate your support and enthusiasm for the game!:izmena:




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Hello, my Dear Players!


My name is Igor, and I work in Sub_Octavian team… in same space, at the next table). I’ll help him to answer your questions and analyze feedbacks. I have been reading NA forum for a last week. I'm impressed by your constructive feedbacks and your sincere support! 

While my English is Russian-Google-English but I’m sure that will be change in a near future.


Glad to meet you all! Good hunting and don’t camp!



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