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Shokaku Sadness and Captain Skills

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Whether it be matches where I get 1 flooding after 21 torpedo hits or Tier X matches with DM's that constantly rub up on their BB's like the significant other I wish I had, tonight has been rough.  But seriously though, over the course of 2 games I went 1 for 37 on floodings.   Granted probably 60% of those hit the torpedo bulge, but that means 40% of the torpedoes hit areas that are susceptible to flooding.  And the DM's the are more up tight than any prison, they won't let a DB or fighter even get past the outer most AA bubble.


But all that aside, I did manage to get the AS captain skill and am now working towards another point.  What should that point be go to?


Currently I have

Expert Rear Gunner (so much regret, although it has proven useful in stopping cruiser-launched fighters and lower tier fighters, but still so much regret)

Torpedo Armament Expertise(also kinda regret this, but there aren't really any good Tier II skills for IJN)

Dogfighting Expert (complete regret, I should have looked at the CV's farther down the line as I forgot that you get Def AA)

Aircraft Servicing Expert (this was really a toss up between AFT, but the Hiryu TB's really needed the health)

AS (kinda don't like this as you technically lose a spare squadron and have a longer servicing time)


So what should I get next.  Really right now it's between BFT with SA or gettting SI


How terrible my choices were for picking skills also makes me sad.

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I think that you really need SA. It helps to know when you're detected in a CV so you know that a DD is nearby especially in the high tiers. Your skill set is currently fine - it's standard.

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I have a 10 points cv captain and took skill almost identical to you. (I took torp accel for tier 3). I will not wait for 15 points but will take tier 1 skills until i got 15 then respec.


I debate to get either situation awareness or basic survive first, and get the other one later. Then I will get the basic fire training for AA

Once I got AS and respec I will keep one of the first two above, depend what I like most.


SA can be very useful but your own minimap can help already. Basic Sur is straight out useful but with Defensive AA you will use that less

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