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Game Mode Idea

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I'm still a new-ish player, trying to get better. When I get sunk I usually go into spectator mode to see how people play, One thing I have noticed is that there is a certain percentage of players that seem to be paying little attention to what the team is trying to do. Kinda of like the goalie on a soccer team for six year olds that is 20 yards away from the goal picking dandelions while his team is busy gang-chasing the ball at the other end of the field.


What if there were two Random Mode arenas, "Random-Fun", and "Random-Team""? The idea would be to give those players that aren't terribly interested in team play a place to play where they can do their own thing. Yes, there is a Co-op arena, but the opponents are bots, and you have to have a certain mindset to really enjoy shooting fish in a barrel.


A Random-Team mode would ostensibly be for the serious player that wants to participate in team play. It would not be perfect, but it might help stear folks to a place they can mazimize their fun. Just an idea.

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They have team battles and ranked battles for the more serious players but you still get those that don't work with the team there too. I think it's expected that Random battles will have many who are off picking dandelions or want to play cowboy and charge straight into battles without caring about the team play required.

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Your "Random-Team" mode is Team Battles bud :P And "Random-Fun" = not fun when ppl charge in to lose on purpose if you have a strong desire to win every game you play, especially when they decide to try & shove themselves through the mid on Two Brothers

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