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Sera que alguém poderia me ajudar a resolver esse problema de erro!


Aparentemente para mim de memoria do computador ou da placa de vídeo não sei bem sorry !!



Windows 10 Pro

Intel core i5(4690)

8 Gb de ram

placa de video GTX 960 (2gb)

SSD 120Gb (43G Livres)



erro memoria.jpg

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Este mesmo erro já aconteceu comigo, o problema em questão era alguns MODS que eu estava usando, se você usa algum tipo de MOD tenta tirar e usar sem, talvez funcione ..., comigo deu certo.

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fbbneves    48

Atualiza o driver.... e configura certinho placa de video / opções do jogo.

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Pessoal to com esse erro na public test http://prntscr.com/cdoo9y podem me ajudar ?


A mensagem está em russo. Diz que houve um erro ao se conectar ao servidor. A senha ou o seu endereço de e-mail estão incorretos. No final pede para entrar em contato com o centro de suporte ao cliente.

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ghost1824    0

também estou com esse problema no meu note e pessoal do suporte do jogo ficar culpando o nossos notes,eu jogo desde 2014,joguei ele normal sem problemas algum e quando fui jogar no dia 30 de novembro de 2016 e fez a atualização do nada tive isso da mensagem e fiz tudo e ninguem do jogo tenta ajudar,alguém sabe me dizer o problema do jogo e como posso volta a jogar de novo o jogo galera!

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xavier_556    19


Temporary Workarounds for some client crashes for

Greetings, Commanders!


May the year ahead bring you good luck and fortune throughout your fierce battles in World of Warships.


To make the New Year holidays even more enjoyable and ensure only happiness from your hours spent in the game, the dev team would like to share important information with you on a number of issues that affect version Fixing these issues is risky and requires thorough preparations that we're regretfully unable to make during this busy pre-New Year period. However, we've come up with a number of workarounds for you to avoid them.


Issue 1


Many players are having issues in regards to lag and freezing that is making gameplay unpleasant. It is, therefore, very important to adjust the graphics settings in the game to make sure that the resources of your game station are allocated in the most efficient way. Below you'll find a number of hints on how to make things work better.


You'll need to play around with settings a bit to find a configuration that is optimal for you. We recommend playing one or two battles after every change you make so that you can clearly see how the changes affect the picture on the screen:


  • Reduce Texture Quality;
  • Set MSAA settings to 4x/2x;
  • Disable Additional Reflections;
  • Modify settings for the Effects Preset.

Issue 2


One of the bugs in version 0.5.16 is associated with the music customization feature that allows players to play your own music in the game. If you have the "Listen to your own music" feature enabled in Audio Settings and new tracks have been added to the /res/userMusic/ folder, the game client may consume RAM resources in an uncontrollable manner when minimized (memory leaks). When the amount of RAM used reaches 4 GB, the game client crashes. The leak takes place only when the game client is minimized (by pressing Alt+Tab or by selecting a window other than that of the game). If the game client window is restored, RAM is not released.


The issue manifests itself in all display modes of the game client (Windowed, Full-screen and Full-screen windowed).


Suggested temporary workarounds:


  • Do not activate the Listen to your own music feature;
  • Do not leave the game client minimized for extended periods of time when the above feature is enabled.

I know that this is not optimal, but I just ask that you please keep this in mind while playing World of Warships.


Issue 3


Certain players using PCs running on Windows 10 Pro as their primary gaming platforms have experienced crashes of the game client shortly after login. The issue can be resolved by using the ZIP archive attached to this news release. Please see file location here


Usage guide:


  • Unzip the archive (file + file folder) into the parent directory of the game (the one containing the WorldOfWarships.exe file);
  • Launch the checkout_wows.exe file and select one of the two suggested options:

  • Replace the existing WorldOfWarships.exe file with a new one; or

  • Restore the previous WorldOfWarships.exe file if it has already been replaced.

  • To be on the safe side, before replacement, make sure the original WorldOfWarships.exe is copied into a Backup folder and supplemented with an extra extension (*.original). It may be used to restore the file if need be.

We strongly recommend using this temporary solution only if the issue described in item 3 above is present.


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