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Some Torpedo thoughts, not necessarily conclusive.

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So I was poking around the interface and I noticed that the Fubuki 15 kilometer range torps actually have a lower detection range than the 10 kilometer ones.


 type 90, mod 2

74 second reload time

17232 damage

57 knots

15 km range

1.4km detection range


type 93 mod 2

81 second reload time

20967 damage

67 knots

10 km range

1.7km detection range


Given the speed differences, wouldn't it be better to run torpedo acceleration using the older type 90 mod 2 torpedoes and have just 5 knots slower speed but .3 km tighter detection ranges? I am starting to regret respeccing my Fubuki recently. I just started looking at this because I noticed that Shimakaze's torpedoes do not follow the same mentality. See, Fubuki's longer range torps are actually the least visible of her torps, that is not the same with Shimakaze, check this out.




Type 93 mod 1

reload time 135

maximum damage 20967

speed 62 knots

range 20km

detection range 2.5km


type 93 mod 3

reload time 138

damage 23767

range 12km

detection range 1.9km


note, F3 torps also have a detection range of 1.9km despite having higher speeds though smaller warhead. I guess this is okay.


Still, it looks like the Fubuki may actually be better off with the 15k range torps? Right now I am running the 10 and using the skill points for extra torpedo detection and running premium smoke.


Also before anyone mentions it, yes I know I do not have the quickest reload times on my Shima. I am doing an experiment and speccing her as a gunboat. 13.7k gun range is actually nice to play with. it pairs well with 12k torps as I prefer to gun from the 11.5k range mark.










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For the Shim, the 12 kms torp seem to be the best choice atm. For the Fub, the type 92 is doing nearly 4 k more than the type 90, have to consider this too, 1.4 vs 1.7 kms detection isn't a big deal when you get the speed to compensate and speed>detection, plus you don't have to waste point speccing for TA if you take the type 92, at tier 8, radars are rare so you can still get close to use the 10 kms torp.


In case you decide to use the Fub as stealth gun boat then the type 90 will fit more.

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well, as of now my Fubuki has 8KM 72K torps as I reskilled my Commander with torp accel...before the change and HAD 67k 12Km fish...

So now  with as much as 6 Det (with camo, and working to get CE) and 8Km torps, it is playing like a Minikaze, and I liked that compared to the 10km Mutzuki....and so far, so good... being aware of my targets, and not just torp walling and hoping for a hit, I have been landing a few more than before the change..... although the guns are hammers, upgrading the hull took one away, but all in all, so far I like her....

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Why Hull C?  it has lower AA rating and only thing you gain is bit of hp.    I guess if you play it like minekaze, it makes sense, but I tend to use my gun fairly often.   I am on 12km torps at the moment,  I may try 8km sometime.  havn't used my bucky in a while.

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