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Replays 0.5.5

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Ok so I was gonna just dump this in a thread that already exists, but it seems that I have found a few things while sampling this replay and I intend on discovering more as I go.


Let me preface this by saying the following:


When these questions first started up yesterday- I was dismissive and ignorant, but today I have sat down and discovered a few changes in the replays system.


First of all, it seems that in addition to the UI bug, that when I did a brand new installation- whenever I went to add the lines of code needed to make the replays save- the folder would not generate.


Perhaps it has been a long week for me(I am now an unofficial QA tester, official support for a startup company that makes customer software for larger retail corporations- so I am looking at a lot of lines of code daily) and I misplaced the code. I do not know. I also lack the download speed to download and install this game multiple times to make sure it is not me making the error


However when I used my old 0.5.4 client and updated it to 0.5.5, everything was working as it should do.


What I have done then is this:

I have made an edited copy of my XML file available for download. I have removed my login email and token and disabled password saving- so you will have to tick that check box again if you use it.


The preferences.xml file is zipped and located here


Now the other thing people had noticed is that Page Up and Page Down keys no longer controlled replay playback speed. I can confirm this and I have the answer.


from 0.5.4 to 0.5.5, WG remapped the Fastforward and rewind keys.


So currently the control I have manually mapped myself are:


Camera control switch: Mouse1(Left mouse button)

Pause: End

Play: Home

Faster playback: Ins

Slow Mo: Del

QZ in: PgUp

QZ out: PgDn



I will add to this as I play around with the control and see what else is remapped

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Isn't that nice,   Ins and del  are the same key on Lap tops.. LoL.. well mapped out WG      Will have to see if you need  to Fn it for them to work.


*edit,     Okay,  for lap tops with   Ins and Del as the same key, 


Fn +key = Fast forwards.   

Ins/Del = slow motion.


pgup = cross hair

pgdn = remove cross hair



For those needing to re-update their prefs for replays.


        <isReplayEnabled>    true    </isReplayEnabled>
        <ReplayCameraUpdate>    30    </ReplayCameraUpdate>


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I posted elsewhere but in addition to your findings.....


Page UP is now Quick ZOOM IN

Page Down is now Quick ZOOM OUT


Now they need a rotate camera and not  using the mouse either. Key to rotate the horizontal the plane. 

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