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Gavroche's List of Ship To Love

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         Okay, so this forum post is going to be about ships that I enjoy immensely. I hope to have some photos and stories and update this somewhat recently. This'll be a memoir of ships that I've loved.

Gavroche's List of Ships to Love:

#1: The....Ranger?

Yep. The Ranger. I heard so much crapabout this ship, and I thought that this would be the tier VII nightmare grind for the U.S. CV line. The demon guarding the entrance to the high tier Lexington, Essex, and Midway. When I got here I was like... what? This ship is completely OP!

You get to the Ranger after the Indy, Bogue, and Langly. Slow planes, and not very many of them, but at the Ranger, you've got the hanger capacity to sacrifice some squads and still have some to spare. After I got this ship I used some of the free xp I'd saved up to instantly get the strike loadout, and that is absolutely devastating. Very, very solid ship. Only weakness is it's somewhat prone to CV snipes.



First, stack up two DBs, and strike a battleship, then after around 30 seconds, strike with the TB and other DB.

(Or just roam around with 3 sets of DBs waiting for BBs to use their damage control)

#2: The Amagi

Ten guns and not afraid to squirm around and show them all, the Amagi is a force to be reckoned with. This is the ideal battlecruiser, fast, well armed, and decently armored, she is devastating to any cruiser that that gets in her range. She comes with great guns, great handling, and a decent secondary and AA battery, this helped propel me to rank 1 in both the 2nd and 3rd season, in which I had an amazing 5 kill game against people that would angle against my team and show this speedy flanker their broadside. She's....perfect.


230k damage is not enough. Try harder.

(To be honest it was really people sailing broadside to me more than anything I did.)

#3: The Atago

When it comes to overpowered premiums, there's nothing like the Atago. She's fast, stealthy, yet packs a punch. Capable of doing 20k AP salvos against cruiser, melting away battleships, or halving the health of destroyers in an instant, this ship's only flaw is a mediocre AA suite and a poor turning circle.

If someone was to ask me what the best thing about this ship was I would say it's not the concealment, nor the torps, nor even the heal, but rather that sleek profile, the wonder camo, and the responsiveness that makes this ship a joy to look at, and a joy to play.


This was in a ranked game...

(Islands OP)

#4: The Benson

You know those forum posts about how Destroyers are OP, and Invis-firing is OP? Yeah....

This ship is a brawler and an assassin, able to catch and kill any DD it faces, or run away and slip into stealth against any larger ship. With great guns and very decent torps, this ship was almost the exclusive DD used in the third season of Ranked Battles. \


220k damage? I'll take it.

(I think I was still more or less full health when this game ended)

#5: The Baltimore/Des Moines

Half mobile no-fly zone and half mobile no-sail zone, these ships are great at brawling. At long range people tend to just ignore you... all the way until you're not at long range anymore, and they're face to face with the legendary bow armor of these ships, being citadeled from the front while your high bow and spectacular turret armor effortlessly sheds their return fire. I don't have very many games in the Des Moines yet, so I'll just lump these two ships in one category for now, but from the few games experiences I do have, the Des Moines is about what'd you expect - A Baltimore, only approximately 2.5x more so. 


They say you don't get xp for shooting down planes, but this would beg to differ.

(I mean, I still did 50k damage as well)

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Is your name the typo or the post the typo.

puts flashlight below face SHOW ME THE TYPO.

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Is your name the typo or the post the typo.

puts flashlight below face SHOW ME THE TYPO.


Could it be the LegendaryTypo?

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Why did you put the Benson instead of the Lo Yang? Lo Yang is THE Benson, and it gets hydro. Win Win.

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