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Steering bug?

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 I got hit with the steering nonsense I've been reading about.


  Rudder decides to permanently reside at full starboard, and pressing left rudder will only set it back to neutral- until you stop pressing the button, and it goes back to full right.   The ship seems to steer itself at random, too.   There was also a point at which the rudder keys did nothing at all- no matter what I did. ( and no, I wasn't in chat mode,lol)


This happened right in the middle of a battle with a NY, causing me to go broadside to him, and forcing me to hit full stop, as I was now pointed strait at an island...  Then, of course, the right turn only sent me back south, and right into the hands of 5 enemy ships...


  Whet the heck is going on here?  What is causing this?

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This happened to me when I was using my MS Surface with the little magnetic attachable keyboard (playing while travelling for work). On my home laptop with a regular keyboard, it worked fine.


Went back and forth with support (they were very fast, by the way). 


In the end we figured it was something odd with my keyboard on the MS Surface.

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