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Need some help with the Mogami

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Well I bought the Mogami today and am right now and am not sure what should be upgraded first. The turrets turn so damn slow so I plan to take the 8 inchers but then again the range is poor as well.I am being torn apart, plz help (dog face)


The Sirene

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Range first, will help you dodge shots, then grind up to the turrets. 


Get the expert marksmen skill if you haven't.

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Upgrade the GFCS first, then get the B-hull


As for the turrets, use the turret rotation modification. You will get 180d/38.1s and 5.5RPM, which is pretty good.

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With the capt perk that reduces turret traverse delay and the ship upgrade that reduces turret delay (but increases refire delay) the Mogami's 155's end up with 11 second refire delay and a 38s 180 degree turn speed.


Get the fire control module first and skip purchasing the B hull... you want the C hull anyway so may as well just use the stock hull until you get the XP for the C hull (you're not missing out on much anyway). As with any IJN cruiser, avoid getting hit...but Mogami 155 is special since its a pyro ship...if you have the firestarter perk you'll be in for a treat with the 155s...they will burn down ships quickly.


The guns are not fast enough to track while you maneuver at more than 1 point of rudder so keep that in mind.


Most people switch to the 203s but I prefer to stay with the 155s. I hope they un-nerf the rotation rate because it really is a pisser that light guns are slower than the heavier guns.

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