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Premium Account & Purchases (2 Cents of MIne)

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For short terms only i guess. (ONE DAY, WEEKEND PASS, what ever)

I believe WG should award you one day as stated but you should not be penalized because something comes up and you have to go out into the "REAL WORLD"

I'm just saying they should maybe put a minimum on it say 6 hours of playing time or 8. what ever that number is per day awarded or "purchased".


I want the Soviet cruisers but at the same time i will be unable to play enough to justify the 7 days of premium (makes pricing worthy) and benefit this particular time around.

I have purchased other ships less expensive but nice to have and missed out on the premium benefits due to "real World events" and felt unhappy because i had kids concerts, work etc.


Spending $50 bucks plus for a package should come without Buyers remorse (SO TO SAY)

Again i'm guessing if i feel this way many others are probably thinking along the same lines.

Its just a thought to keep in mind, as a result i will have to pass on this purchase along with the thought (MAN I WISH I WOULD HAVE LATER LOL)


Really fun game, and i enjoy playing it, you have to think and move on others mistakes "UNLIKE ALL THE OTHER POINT AND SHOOT GAMES"


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Uh,  you get 2 days premium time AND 1250 doubloons for a weekend pass.  If you just want premium time,  buy a 30 day option for $12.59 or just buy doubloons a la cart.

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