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Strategy to Win

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My end-game stats didn't show it, but I felt like I did my job to give our team a win. 


Standard battle.  We're pushing left.  Enemy pushing from right.  They're going to cap first, with 2BB, 1CA, and one DD getting close.  We have one CA in defense.  A pull out of the push and head to re-enforce the cap defense.  By the time I'm in position, the enemy DD and friendly CA are out.  It's me in a NC (newly minted...still learning the ropes!) vs an Amagi, Atago, and NM, all close to full health.


I'm not going to win a 3 on one.  But I don't have to "win".  I just have to give my team time to cap.  So I go bow on and stop/reverse at sufficient distance that I can keep bow on no matter where they are in the cap.  My goal at this point is "cap reset".  Using one turret at a time (I only have two; can't get rear in play), I'm able to put at least one shell on a ship with each turret, so can get two resets per load.


Over several minutes, I tie down three enemy ships in our cap, achieving 9 resets.  They hammer me good, but don't get any cits.  The Atago burns me up enough that I was awarded "fire proof". 


Toward the end, a friendly BB enters the fray and takes off some of the heat.  Drives in and dies pretty quick.  But, I was happy to have the breather. Our team caps for the win.


My stats weren't good.  In fact, I lost credits.  But I felt good about my achievement.  The "team" played good.  Everyone did their bit to win.  I found myself as cap defender against superior firepower.  Our CA defender took out the DD (which would probably have prevented me from executing my plan).  I got some BB backup toward the end, splitting the enemy fire.  And ultimately, our push force eliminated the enemy cap defenders and capped! 



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Simply playing the objectives make you better the probably half the people in the game. 

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