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New Dawn

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I was doing team battles tod.. not a good idea, because I don't know when you are reading this.. the 22 of March, 2016. And we ran into the same map three times.. each time we ROFLstoomped the enemy's. Here's how we did it:

We had a CV to give us air support, he took out any targets we had troubles with and defended us from enemy strike squads. We had several DDs as  a powerful capping and defending force. (1 Anshan, 2-3 Farraguts). We had two BBs: ARP Kongo and Fuso. The main point of the ARP Kongo (me) was not to DEAL a lot of damage, but we find the shiny surface draws fire nicely while the rest of the team wrecks the enemys. We had a CL sometimes as an extra screen V.S. DDs in case ours failed.. we had determined BB captains who would sacrifice their ship just do deny the enemy's a cap at a critical moment. Oh, and the fact that we had 2 of the best players on the NA server helped, too. :P:trollface:


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