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Capn Training for Penzacola

Which is Better for a Penzacola Captain?  

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  1. 1. 15 point Captain last 5 should go to........

    • MFC for 2ndaries
    • MFC for AA + Expert Loader

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Just got my 15th point for my Penzacola Captain.  Currently I am set up for AA and love the DD hunting capabilities of this thing.

Current Skills Are:


2 Incomming Fire Alert

3 Vigilance

4 Currently have MFC AA but was just trying it out and will go back to Advance Fire Training. End of a long day I think I am currently running both of these now as I did have 14 points. duh

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I like to run expert loader for my 8" gun cruisers because it really helps you use the optimal ammo when dealing with multiple targets types. I don't take it with my 6" cruisers or destroyers since they already have fast load times.

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