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Spray and Pray is not the only IJN DD way, Be Aggressive! A Humble Guide

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The following recording features 12 games with Mutsuki, with 2 losses and 10 wins, no flags used. Recorded consecutively, solo queue.

(match record here: http://i.imgur.com/WVEy0EL.jpg - no pause 12 consecutive games)


Noticeable Results (from the 12 matches, non - premium account):





Some noticeable highlights from the 12 matches (timed at start of the match, just fast forward to get an idea of how the game played out):


(5 kills, torps and guns)


(two consecutive kills on 2 full HP BBs using terrain as cover, try to broadside always)


(sometimes if enemy jukes predict their movements)


(120k + damage, but greed kills, never wish for more than you can chew, could've killed all of them, but instead went on to do something fancy and failed spectacularly)


(two mistakes were made, 1 torps chasing after the enemy, 2 fired from a disadvantageous angle, resulting an untimely premature death. Sometimes if the angle's not good, don't force it like I did, back out and try again - this is a good timing to drop smoke, to cover your retreat, not use it as static cover)


The idea is to provide some inspiration for new or experienced Japanese DD players alike. Featuring a more aggressive, close ranged torpedo DD play maximizing the amazing camo value of Japanese DD line.


The basic idea is to maximize your camo's contribution to the match. Starting the game, depending on enemy composition, to either scout and spot aggressively or taking a detour around a vulnerable flank to deliver your torpedoes at close range to valuable enemy ships. While playing, due to Japanese DD's horrific guns, avoid all other DDs like a plague (but spot DDs with lesser camo value if able), finish them off if able. Using your camo value to get as close as possible to the more juicier enemy targets and deliver torpedoes at point blank range. As long as the HP trade is favorable, even if you die, your contribution to the game should be enough to sway the match to your team's favor. Don't be afraid to take the long way around, wasting a few min is of no consequence. Relax and have fun!




1. Never make your Torpedoes "chase" an enemy, always deliver them either head on or perpendicular. Head on, to reduce torpedo travel time, thus increase chance to hit. Perpendicular to increase target cross section and increase chance to hit. (In one of the match, this rule was not observed resulting in death from an otherwise easy kill).


2. Guns are at best finishing off an enemy, or use to harass before firing torpedoes. They should never be your primary damage dealer or anything to rely upon.


3. Your camo and maneuverability is your shield, smoke is overrated and you never know which CA's carrying hydro.


4. Engine boost, that 8% increase in speed is not worth the reduction in camo value. Use it at the last leg of approach or at start of the match to get into position quicker.


5. Time your repairs. Save them at the best moment, in one match you can see a CV hovers his dive bombers waiting for me to put out the first fire. But I did not repair and forced the CV to drop his second wave of bombs, thus overall, reduced my damage taken and allowed me to kill the CV with point blank torps.


6. Approach from astern or from the bow to reduce damage taken from secondary fire.


7. When in doubt, ram. Trade a DD for a BB or CV is always favorable.


Here's the Captain's Skill Tree:



(rather than increase HP per level, it might be more beneficial to simply take the other lower survivability skills, up to you)


Feel free to share your tips and experiences.



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well, mutsuki is the first dd in line which actually should begin to "spray and pray" more since she is worse at being aggressive than minekaze and should play to her advantages which is longer torpedo range

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Very nice work.
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Most of the time while being in the Mutsuki, I mostly go somewhat aggressive on trops, as well as hold fire unless an red DD is firing upon. 

The 120mm gun on the Mutsuki is okay IMO, but there is only 2 of those and if you are pointing the wrong side... welp. 


I feel a tad bit more comfortable to play a bit more aggressively in my Hatsuharu tho... A bit more guns and health works time to time... 

Downside is, turrets gets knock out easier now.  

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