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Is the "Expert Marksman" skill displaying stats correctly?

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I looked at the turret rotation speeds of various ships before I bought my captain skills.  For example the 36 second long turret rotation of the Ishizuchi battlecruiser without captain skills.


After I bought my skills, which include the 2-point cost skill Expert Marksman that increase rotation speed.  This should speed it up, but it is still the exact same speed, 36 seconds.


However, I think the Ishizuchi turrets rotate slower than 36 seconds to do a 180 turn.  The stats online I've found say they rotate in 42 seconds on more than one website that list ship stats.


So, I removed the captain of my Ishizuchi, and nothing changed.  The Ishizuchi still listed the faster, 36 second turret rotation speed.


So what gives?  I think the stats in the game client are always showing your ship equipped with the Expert Marksman, whether or not you have it or not.

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