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Regele Ferdinand

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Many years ago..........

The government of Romania had made a decision to order two destroyers from the Pattison Yard in Naples. The Italians worked hard to make destroyer to please Dracula( :trollface: ). They designed it off the British Shakespeare Class destroyer, ordered the guns from Bofors, and fire control stuff from Siemens. These vessels lived up to the expectations set up by Dracula and were became the MOST POWERFUL AXIS VESSELS OF THE BLACK SEA!!!!*evil laughter silhouetted by lightning and thunder* Sadly they only got to be used convoy escort(some much power being held back) and were used in the evacuation of Crimea. After August 1944 Romania surrendered and the USSR's Black Sea Fleet took them in. The Russians decided to give them back after 1951 and they remained with the Romanian Navy until the 60's till they scrapped them. :sad:



Operators:  Romanian Naval Forces

Soviet Navy

Preceded by: Mărăşti-class destroyer

Completed: 2

Cancelled: 2

Retired: 2

General characteristics

Type: Destroyer

Displacement: 1,400 long tons (1,400 t) standard

1,850 long tons (1,880 t) full load

Length: 101.9 m (334 ft 4 in)

Beam: 9.60 m (31 ft 6 in)

Draught: 3.51 m (11 ft 6 in)

Propulsion: 2 shaft Parsons type geared turbines, 4 Thornycroft type boilers, 52,000 hp

Speed: 37 knots (43 mph; 69 km/h)

Range: 3000 nm at 15 knots

Complement: 212

Armament: 5 x 1 - 120mm guns

4 x 1 - 76mm AA gun

2 x 40mm AA guns

2 x 13mm machine guns

3 x 2 - 21 in torpedo tubes

Posted Image

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These are  an interesting pair of vessels, and would have liked to know what they could have brought to the table. However, I never wish harm to anyone.. so in a sense, I am glad they were scantily used.

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Very nice post, interesting ship, only wish there where more pictures.  :sad: +1 None of the less.

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Nice interesting ship. I doubt It would stand a chance against the Allen M Sumter class destroyer though.

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