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Game Optimization?

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I was out of work yesterday, due to a VERY bad reaction to one of those combo-vaccine tetanus shots I received at work (thankfully, my doctor says it wasn't allergic, just my body didn't like some of the extra ingredients in that particular shot). I took the opportunity to start doing some basic troubleshooting on the problems I've been having with freeze frame lag spikes, desync, and disconnects.

One of the first things I did was open up the AMD Gaming Evolved application and take a look around. First thing I noticed was that it said WoWS was no longer optimized. I'm like "OK, we have had a couple patches since last I opened this, lets give it a try". Let the AMD app do it's thing and optimize the game. Then, to see if it made any difference, I launched WoWS from the AMD app instead of straight from the client desktop icon like I normally do.

BIG improvement. Still had some of the "stuttering" lag spikes with ping quickly bouncing up to around 100 ms or so, then back down to 35 ms - but no freeze frames, no desync, and no disconnects. Played for a couple hours trying different ships, things seemed pretty stable, then took a break for dinner.

Came back, opened up the AMD app once again to launch the game - and it once again said the game was not optimized. Huh? Optimized it once again, launched the game, and same performance as before. After a couple games, closed everything out and launched again just to see what would happen.

Once again, the AMD app showed WoWS as not being optimized.

Any opinions or information on this?


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I don't really know the AMD driver app software but is there some way to manually save game profiles or the like, that might force it to keep those settings? (And is it safe to assume your AMD/driver stuff is fully up to date?)

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One GPU or more? Try playing with the Crossfire settings. IIRC, WOWs doesn't support Crossfire/SLI. Have you asked the Googles?

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   Stop loading the Evolved app with windows.  It uses resources to run in the back ground.

Set your in-game setting manually & see if it stays put.


   You can still click on the app anytime you want to use it But it does use resources & tracks your game play.

 I stopped using it when I realized they were not going to add any more free games.


 To me, It sounds like a Evolved Gaming App issue.  You should check with them.  I think* they have forums.


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