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How to Purchase New Ships

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I am a newbie and love this game.


One of the most frustrating things though is how to purchase new ships? I would like to enter these contests goingon, but they require a V or VI series ship, and when I go to buy one, nothing happens. I have got the series IV ship so I should be able to go up one level, but it won't let me. I don't know what is wrong. I wish there was more feedback on why it won't let me move up to the next level. Any ideas?

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In order to progress, you grind your current tier ships. When you get enough XP, and have maxed out the upgrades in your current ship (e.g. 2nd hull if available), then you can research the next ship up the tree. Once researched, you can buy it if you have enough credits. You also need a free (unused) port slot, or else you need to buy one with 300 gold, or sell a ship you don't like to keep, to free the port slot.


For research, modules or ships, you use the XP the ship you are grinding generated, and you can supplement with Free XP if you have enough. Free XP can be used across ships. You gain 5% of every battle's XP as Free XP, plus there are also special missions and rewards that give you free XP, or you can buy some too for gold (converting an Elite ship's unused XP to Free XP. Elite ships are ships you have fully researched to the max.


If you have enough Free XP, you can technically bypass a tier, researching but not buying the next ship. It is not advisable to do that. You should use Free XP to help you upgrade your current ship, as some ships in stock form are lacking and need modules for improvement. Skipping tiers, is generally a bad idea as you wil not learn to handle the line and will be ill-prepared to handle higher tiers.


Don't be in a hurry to do missions that require ships of a higher tier than your current. There will be other missions for you in the future. Skipping is generally a bad idea (except maybe skipping RU Ds T1-T3 or the awful Karlsruhe (at least I did on those), but I already knew how to handle the ships and play at those tiers.


If you have any questions, just ask.


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Dont rush the process. I am in the 4-6 tiers and i am staying put mainly because i am not ready for the higher tiers in any way. I bought an Atlanta and played her a bunch. Spent a LOT OF CASH on her and eventually, last week, sold her off. I now have a lot of credits, YAY!. But i wasted a lot of time and money, BOO! The Atlanta was just not my style of play. I have a Warspite, THAT I LOVE. I have a Tirpitz, that i was in no way ready for and i am just beginning to learn to play to HER strengths, and not mine. If i could, i would sell her off to another player for the right trade, and may still sell her off.


  1. Listen to the more experienced players.
  2.  Read.
  3. Train.
  4. Watch the videos.
  5. Learn about the ships and their histories.
  6. Make peace with RNGesus. Just because one battle or game didnt go your way doesnt mean someone is hacking the game. WE ALL LOSE. DEAL WITH IT.
  7. Make friends.


I plan on being here a long time and i have just hit the "easy chair" button. This place is the first "game" a middle aged guy like me can learn to love.


Kill the DDs First! And...oh yea...Welcome Aboard...


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