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Two plane issues...

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1.  Yesterday was playing a carrier, with a higher Tier carrier on my team.. We "Agreed" I would focus on enemy bombers, he would go anti-fighter...I lock up two groups--BAM---11/12 of my fighters gone.....He went burst once I got in the furball...wth....Around 4 minutes later--BAM--12/12.....So my "teammate" gets Clear Sky, I get bottom damage, planes shot down, and damn near lose money....As a teammate shooting down your planes is NOT considered team damage...Either fix the fact that teammates shooting down your planes is not compensable, or get rid of the damn burst feature...

2.  "SCOUT" planes--either have the bloody things actually spot or get rid of them....Lost a game today when I had a plane up, 3 seconds to cap, suddenly I get hit for -9- points, cap gets reset....DD was visible between my ship and plane for about 10 seconds then disappears..Since your dispersion dramatically increases with the range involved, I think the "spotter" plane mechanic is virtually worthless...

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