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"what keys" HELP

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  LoL. I know this will be a silly question, but is there a post or something with the list of what keys you use for various functions. Been playing for about 4-5 days tier1 and accumulated a lot od xp etc, some purchased. So last night was able to bump up to tier5 ship. But be damed if I know how to use it, and at same time not wanting to hurt the team efforts. So lets say I dont know how to shoot a plane, and kinda think I might have torpedoes figured but have yet to shoot any off. Will say that I will be going back to my tier 2 and learn more skill from more advanced tiers. I see from watching utube video some players have 3 or more hands and know how to type rather that the search and peck method I'm accustomed to. Thanks for any help people. Happy New Year to you all also. 

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pressing F-1 in game will bring up most of the command and keys. Probably best to spend any time looking through it during a co-op game. You can also open the Esc menu while in port and look through the setting options. You'll find most of the commands there as well as the ability to remap them if you like.


Oh, and welcome aboard!

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jumping into tier five that soon would prolly be as you said... bad for your team... learn as much as you can, play coop untill what you need to do is second nature... and it is just a click or key press without having to think...
And WATCH youtube... iChase videos will help you a crap ton!!!


and welcome to the battle!!!!

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Welcome aboard Captain!


There is a lot to learn. There are many good write-ups in the forum, and many good YouTube videos on how to. A few I would recommend:


  • iChaseGaming
  • Notser
  • NoZoupForYou
  • Voulezvous TV
  • Kenliero
  • WastingSomeTime Gaming
  • Thotgor
  • and do not miss Jingle's "How not to suck"


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