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So, what's a good way to handle Commanders?

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Yet another of my new-guy questions.  Suddenly I have all these ship Commanders hanging around.  Sold back a couple of ships so my reserve is already full.  I've trained some skills on a few of them on the ships I'm actively grinding right now. 

  1. Is there any difference between the Commanders other than the skills you master?  Like one is better at 'gun' skills, while another is better at concealment, etc?
  2. Is is better to move one Commander up each tree branch, using premiums to work off their 'retrain' period?  Or cross-train between tech branches?
  3. Or should I simply leave each Commander with their vessel and not worry about micromanaging it?


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I would say if  you are keeping ships you should keep the commander with it . Me I do not collect ships and so move my commanders into the next ship I have ground up to .  You can also retrain by playing co-op battles and learn your new ship at the same time .

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