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Success stories from Ranked battles

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This is the first time I've really wanted to share a match on the forums. When you go 0-7 in ranked and you do it for all the right reasons it's just an amazing feeling and reminds me of the glory days of WoT with whatever those team battles were called. I've had some good and some great teams in ranked so far, but never a perfect team and I just wanted to give a shoutout to these fine fellows. They did everything right, they communicated, they cooperated, they stuck together and they focused fire without even calling targets. It was a fast, clean and beautiful game and it's just another that makes me wish I had replays enabled, but a post battle picture will have to do.


I've also done a cursory forum search, and I've only seen complaint or horror story threads so far about Ranked battles, so I'd like to encourage you guys and gals to post your amazing matches here as well so we can all see this great game mode at it's best. 


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I ranked out and proudly display the Jolly Roger on all my ships.



My experience in ranked battles was superb.  Most of my teams worked together and folks gave all they had.  It was a jolly good experience overall and I wish I could continue in the fray.  Sadly, once you reach Rank One you can no longer play ranked battles -- if I have one complaint about the competition this would be it.

WG, could the folks who rank out not have some continuing format in which to play?  I think we all enjoy our achievement and appreciate the effort others put in to attain so playing with such folks again would be welcome.


I like the 7x7 format.  Leaves lots of map room on which to maneuver.


~ Sabene

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